My favorite things with Kelly Rodriguez!

Fresh Sugar Lemon Parfum

1. Fresh’s Sugar Lemon Parfum: I have LOVED this scent for years. It is perfectly fresh, clean and crisp… light and airy. I just love it. I’m not a huge fan of perfume-y perfumes and this is pretty much the only scent I’ll wear.

2. I cannot say enough good things about the ExpoDisc! I got pretty darn close with setting my white balance using Kelvin, but I find the ExpoDisc pretty spot on and so easy to use. Saves me from having to adjust white balance at all in Lightroom.

Vanilla latte picture by Kelly Rodriguez

3. If I’m not getting a Vanilla Latte (usually with an extra shot of espresso) from Starbucks, I’m making my own at home with my Nespresso machine – I loooooove my Nespresso machine and my favorite coffee flavor from them is Indriya from India.

4. Kelly Moore 2 Sues: I don’t even know where to begin. I just love this bag. I have it in grey and the leather is so soft. It holds everything I need for a session or a trip. I just adore it.

5. I cannot go a day without a Coca-Cola. Regular, original Coke for me… no flavors, no diet please.

The Vintage Clothespin camera strap

6. I recently purchased a new camera strap that I am head-over-heels in love with. It’s a scarf camera strap and, not only does it look super fashionable, but it is oh-so-comfy around my neck!  Love it so much! Find them here: The Vintage Clothespin.

7. Cozi: One of my favorite apps to keep track of shopping and to-do lists. The same lists can be shared by family members – so hubby and I both have the app and can view and edit the same lists. You can even have multiple lists – so there are my to-do’s and hubby’s to-do’s and even checklists for family projects, etc. (Shhhh… don’t tell, but sometimes I add things to my husband’s to-do list.)

Chamilia bracelet with a camera by Kelly Rodriguez

8. Chamilia bracelet with my cute camera charm my awesome hubby gave me. Yes, this is another company just like Pandora… but… butttttt… they have the cute camera charm! Annnndddd… for you Disney fans out there, Chamilia carries the official Disney charms!

9. Lightroom 5: ‘nuf said. <3

kids on the beach photo by Kelly Rodriguez

10. Our yearly beach vacation! Okay, yes, I know I’ve lived my whole life in Miami until this year, buttttt when you live there, you actually don’t take the time to go to the beach as much as you would like. Seriously.  Every year, since I was a baby, my family would drive a couple hours to the West coast of Florida, specifically Fort Myers Beach, to the same exact hotel every year, and stay for a week or so right on the beach. And, for the past few years, I’ve taken my kiddos there also.  It’s our little vacation spot – nothing fancy – the kids play in the sand, adults relax, we barbeque by the pool… sigh…