My favorite things with Beth Wade!

maternity portrait in the lake by Beth Wade

1. The Lake: My home in Lake Wylie, SC (right outside Charlotte, NC) also happens to be my favorite place in the world. There is something about being by the water that gives me this sense of calm, a reminder to slow down and enjoy the moment, that I cannot find anywhere else. I have my photography studio attached to my home and love incorporating the lake into my sessions. It’s a special place and I love being able to share it with my clients.

scleral contact lenses

2. My scleral contact lenses: Needless to say, having my sight is pretty important. I went through several years of struggling with dry eye treatments that didn’t work and eventually couldn’t wear my soft contacts anymore. So I took a giant leap and invested in a pair of scleral contact lenses.  Sclerals are hard plastic lenses about 2-3x the size of normal soft lenses and are custom fitted to the curves of your eye. They hold a layer of fluid against the eye and vault your cornea with the edges resting on the sclera. My vision with them is super sharp and they are surprisingly comfortable. I cannot say enough great things about them – they have saved my life!

rainbow sandals

3. Rainbows: I bought my first pair of Rainbow sandals in 2002 and they are still my favorite flip flops ever. I’m surprised that they haven’t fallen apart yet because I wear them everywhere. I have yet to find a brand that is as comfy and soft as Rainbow flops. Loooooove them!

selfie of Beth Wade wearing a tank top

4. Tank tops: Yes, I live in the SOUTH, y’all. Temps reach the upper 90’s during the summer. But I have also worn a tank top outside in January. I layer them under short and long sleeve t-shirts in the fall. The tank top is a necessary staple in my wardrobe. I’ve got them in a gazillion colors but most are charcoal gray or black (so I can also wear them at my shoots). If it is soft cotton with a shelf bra you can bet I’ll buy it…in every color. Wear them errrrreyday.

self portrait of Beth Wade in a long skirt

5. Long skirts: The perfect compliment to my cotton tank? A long cotton skirt. Yeah. It’s probably one step up from cotton pj’s but I am a sucker for soft, flowy fabrics that have a feminine touch. My favorites are from Free People and Target brands.

iPad mini

6. iPad mini: I’m a petite gal (5’3″ on a good day…) so I like things that come in small packages. The iPad mini is an awesome size because it’s larger screen lets me get work done easier than on my phone, yet I don’t really need a “lap” to use it. It fits in my purse or camera bag easily and I hook it up to use the white noise app at every newborn session.

revlon 240 impulsive nail polish

7. Purple: Without a doubt my favorite color. It’s the color of my phone and iPad cases, tons of clothing and accessories, one of my branding colors and the only nail color I find happiness in lately. My favorite is Revlon 240 “Impulsive” (which is sometimes true ;)).

8. Arizona green tea: My favorite beverage. Not the diet version, the real green tea is so much better and worth the 70 calories per serving.  I should buy stock in this stuff because it’s always cold in our fridge.

petzval lens

9. The Petzval lens: This is my new favorite toy. I have been wanting to find a “fun” lens and never really caught on to the Lensbaby. So when I heard about the new Petzval I was sold and pre-ordered mine immediately. I have only had it since July but absolutely ADORE it. Using manual focus has given me a new appreciation for clarity (or lack thereof). The in camera bokeh it creates is swirly awesomeness. Go! Buy one. NOW!

sunset instagram pictures

10. Sunsets: We get amazing sunsets living on the lake. But I love a beautiful sunset anywhere, anytime. It’s funny but a lot of times the BEST sunsets come after a rainy, yucky day. I post all my sunset pics in my Instagram feed (hashtag #lkwsunset) so if you are a fanatic too make sure to follow me. 😉