It’s that time of year again…time for the anxiously-awaited, much-anticipated 5th annual Clickin Moms Scavenger Hunt!  For those who don’t know what the Scavenger Hunt is, it’s a super fun competition for all CM members, regardless of skill level.  In fact, this is an awesome summer activity for the entire family to participate in!!

What: Clickin Moms Fifth Annual Scavenger Hunt

When: July 1-July 21st, 2013

Who: All members (includes mentors and vendors), regardless of skill level

Why: To get out, shoot, and have fun!!

Not only is this an incredibly fun activity to participate in every July, but it’s a great way to win some awesome prizes from some amazing vendors!  This year, we have nearly $5,000 worth of prizes from these fantastic vendors: Animoto, Black River Imaging, CG Pro Prints, ChromaLuxe, DaisyGrip, Digital Darkroom Secrets, Drop It Modern, ExpoImaging, Get Totally Rad, Lensbaby, Mod Straps, Morgan Burks, Neil Enterprises, Nicolesy, Phaloo, Photobiz, Photodex, Pinhole Pro, ShootProof, Simply Color, Taopan, the Clickin Moms store, and Click magazine!

If you’re already a CM member, head on over to the forum, and start joining in on the fun!  Not yet a CM member but would love to participate?  Sign up for a membership here, and use the discount code SCAVENGER2013 to receive 25% off a trial, 6 month, one-year, or Lifetime membership between now and July 21, 2013!  Don’t hesitate…go print the list and your sign, and, most importantly, have fun!!!

The List:

  • a puppet show
  • a stained glass lamp
  • a dog wearing sunglasses
  • you in clown make-up
  • a plastic toy molded in Jello
  • a lizard eating its lunch
  • tadpoles in a creek or pond
  • lightning bugs in a jar
  • you in front of an old barn
  • you in a kayak
  • kids eating rhubarb
  • kids peeling corn
  • a calliope
  • kids making popsicles
  • a girl wearing a tutu
  • a dog swimming
  • kids playing in a sprinkler
  • kids getting ice cream from an ice cream truck
  • someone mowing the grass
  • adults blowing bubbles
  • a drink with an umbrella in it
  • a boy wearing goggles
  • your family eating dinner
  • a baseball game in progress
  • a man in a bowtie
  • another CM member
  • a film camera
  • a green umbrella
  • someone hula-hooping
  • an origami swan
  • someone wearing tie-dye
  • a house with Christmas lights on it
  • a stack of pancakes
  • someone standing in an express checkout line
  • you in a cowboy hat
  • a kid jumping on a couch
  • a mailman/woman delivering mail
  • a UPS man/woman
  • a man in overalls
  • you under a one way sign
  • a woman wearing 5 bracelets
  • a drink with 5 ice cubes
  • a bowl with 5 strawberries
  • a man wearing a green hat
  • someone wearing sandals with socks
  • someone on crutches
  • an orange vase
  • a footed bathtub
  • someone with a gold tooth
  • a purple flower
  • an outdoor concert
  • dirty clothes on the floor
  • an outdoor clothesline with clothes on it
  • a drive-in movie theater
  • a homemade pinwheel
  • a homemade cootie-catcher
  • a little girl holding a princess balloon
  • a pedicab
  • a kid riding a pony
  • fried dough/funnel cake
  • a neon pink manicure
  • your mailbox
  • a starry night
  • a Chuppah
  • someone wearing a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt
  • someone dressed up as a superhero
  • someone bench-pressing more than 260 pounds
  • someone in a manhole (+)
  • a person jumping through hoops
  • a child inside a giant bubble
  • a person (who is not Corinne McCombs) riding a
  • unicycle
  • a person unseasonably dressed at the beach or pool
  • someone doing a backwards flip (+)
  • a stack of 5 Oreo cookies
  • the number 5 on a road sign
  • 5 colored pencils
  • 5 kids in swimsuits
  • adults high-fiving
  • a honey bun
  • 5 red gummy bears
  • a vanity license plate
  • someone wearing 3-D glasses in a movie theater
  • a child in a school uniform
  • 5 action figures in the sun
  • 5 airplanes flying in formation (+)
  • someone with a live Disney character
  • a clay mold of your child’s hand
  • a child hiding all but his/her face in a large pile of
  • stuffed animals
  • your wedding dress (bonus point if you’re in it!)
  • a handmade quilt
  • someone blowing out 5 candles on a cake
  • a wedding cake topper
  • a bowl of chips and salsa in a restaurant
  • someone playing a board game
  • toenails painted in the colors of a rainbow
  • you laughing
  • someone flying a kite
  • bunk beds
  • you skating in a pair of old school (4-wheel) roller
  • skates
  • someone standing up in a car sunroof
  • a child swimming
  • 5 LEGO people lined up in a window sill
  • someone on a rocking horse
  • you riding on a carousel
  • a sunset
  • a prickly cactus
  • whipped cream cake
  • a pair of ‘finger’ socks on your feet
  • your camera bag
  • someone dressed in camouflage
  • a mother feeding her baby
  • rose petals in the shape of a heart
  • a picture of you at age 5
  • a tan line
  • someone planking
  • an adult doing a cartwheel
  • a kid poking his/her head out of a tent
  • a campfire
  • sunflare
  • orange-colored bokeh
  • a sand castle
  • a real caboose (+)
  • toes in mud
  • a dog with a bone
  • someone juggling 5 items
  • a kid jumping in the air
  • rocks shaped to form the number 5
  • a purple car
  • a mohawk
  • a human pyramid
  • 5 water balloons
  • a child eating cake with pink icing
  • a boy climbing a tree
  • a hand with a ring
  • a tattoo
  • a child in the kitchen sink
  • someone holding a cup of takeaway coffee
  • a stack of sparkly bracelets
  • a girl twirling in a dress/skirt
  • a ballerina
  • curls
  • a child playing Legos
  • a construction worker
  • a pair of work boots
  • a star-jump silhouette
  • someone blowing bubbles in a milkshake
  • a messy bedroom
  • a child in a library
  • a messy face
  • a pet fish
  • a ‘Cherry Ripe’ bar
  • marshmallows roasting over a fire
  • someone wearing red lipstick
  • a child wearing high heels
  • someone riding a horse backwards
  • 5 people in a bed
  • jelly on a plate
  • graffiti (bonus point if it has the number 5 anywhere!)
  • a public swimming pool
  • a town sign where the town name is more than ten
  • letters
  • chipped nail polish
  • a child holding a trophy
  • a mayfly
  • someone wearing a curly rainbow clown wig
  • a view from underwater (+)
  • an espresso or hot cocoa with “CM” made in the
  • foam
  • 5 children swinging on swings
  • someone getting a haircut
  • someone playing a wind instrument
  • a child finger painting
  • you Skyping with someone
  • a fort
  • your spouse/significant other in a bubble bath
  • a new pack of crayons (opened)
  • a popsicle stick craft
  • a seedling that has sprouted
  • a child with green hair
  • a policeman/woman (in uniform) smiling
  • a person or animal with two different colored eyes
  • someone buried in sand
  • a receipt with a total of exactly $5.55
  • a baseball cap with the letters C and M on it
  • something besides the CM logo with the CM logo
  • colors on it
  • someone with a parrot on his/her shoulder
  • 5 boats on the water
  • a vehicle with the number 5 on it
  • an upside down street sign
  • the shadows of 5 people on a street/sidewalk
  • a bus driver waving at the camera
  • a clown making balloon creatures
  • a traffic jam
  • 5 friends laughing
  • someone dancing in the rain
  • someone shopping at a wholesale club like Sam’s or
  • Costco
  • someone with 5 foods on his/her plate
  • coffee brewing into a carafe or mug
  • 5 chairs around a square table
  • someone riding a roller coaster (+)
  • someone jumping on a trampoline
  • 5 ducks swimming in a row


  1. You must take the picture (or you must be present in it if someone else takes it) of each item.
  2. You must take and post one picture for each item (no “three items in one photo” posts!).
  3. Pictures may be taken with any kind of camera – a cell phone, a point and shoot, an SLR.
  4. Items must be interpreted literally (we want the full-size, real-live, you-know-what-we-meant version of the listed items); when in doubt, stick with this Merriam-Webster Dictionary ( to figure out the first, most literal definition of the word. If it’s a pop culture type item (such as a “big wheel”), you can generally use Google to figure it out . YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ASK IF A PICTURE IS ALRIGHT; you will need to use your best judgment about whether it’s acceptable.

When you find an item on the list, you must take a picture of it next to a sign that says “Clickin Moms 2013.” The sign can be any size, on any paper, handwritten/printed/etc., but it must be in the picture (not edited in) and must be legible (reasonably well-exposed /reasonably in focus). If we cannot read it, it does not count.  You may also print out scavenger hunt signs from the forum.
  6. There are a few items where it would be impossible/impractical to get the Clickin Moms sign in the frame. These items can be photographed without the sign and are marked with a (+). The images must still be taken specifically for the contest (and we will check metadata if necessary!).

Photoshop/editing software is allowed for processing, but you can’t use it to create the listed item or the Clickin Moms sign.
  8. You must take and post all of your entries by July 21, 2013 at 11:59 PM CST.
  9. You must tally your own point totals by July 23, 2013. We will verify the point totals of those players with 110 points or more. These players will then be entered into a drawing where the first 10 picks will win one of 10 prize packages.  You may find all 200 items if you wish, but it will not increase your odds of being drawn as a winner. Only participants with 110 or more verified points will be entered in the drawing to win.
  10. Winners will be drawn and announced on July 31, 2013. The #1 draw gets to pick first from the list of prize packages, the #2 draw gets to pick from the remaining prizes, and so on until the last draw receives the remaining prize.
  11. There will be no transferring, trading, or substitutions for prizes. If your prize package contains something you do not want or need, you may decline it or you may pay it forward.

Please remember that this is meant to be fun!!   So get ready, get set, shoot…and have a blast!!!