This year’s Clickin Moms Photo Hunt was our favorite yet! With thousands of photos shared on Instagram and the Clickin Moms forum, we couldn’t stop smiling at all of the summer magic captured by our community.

That’s why today, in addition to sharing the winner of this year’s grand prize package, we are sharing 45 of our favorite photos from our Clickin Moms member contest. We know that they will bring back all of the carefree joy of summertime for you just like they did for us.

But first, we want to give a BIG congratulations to our Photo Hunt Winner Tineke Smith for her amazing photograph (above). As our winner she gets a year subscription to Click Magazine, a seat in a live breakout from Click Photo School, a $25 gift card from the Click & Co. Store, a Pixel ticket to the 2020 Click Away conference, and a lifetime membership to Clickin Moms!

Now go grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and relive the magic of summer with the Clickin Moms community.

Brandie Koch
Katharine Vogel
Melissa Wolf
Holly Long
Rachel Krausmann
Melissa Bissell
Erica Williams
Kamila Štofirová, Clickin Moms Photo Hunt 2019
Karlee Hooper
Libby Grohmann, Clickin Moms Photo Hunt 2019
Lara Gowder
Lisa Schwenneker
Kelly Wagner
Katelyn Viveiros
Tracy Dickerson
Lauren Dougherty
Yuliya Terzilan
Krisanne Chapin
Jess Barr
Angie Warmington
Amy Smith
Amy Ryan
Elena Garcia
Chloe Ridgway
April Allison
Cynthia Dawson, Clickin Moms Photo Hunt 2019
Erica Hooker
Julie Pease
Dana Ball
Dewi Koomen, Clickin Moms Photo Hunt 2019
Christine Dannhausen-Brun
Amy Smith
Beth Easton
Jessica Layne
Jenna Sefkow
Katie Turner
Marina Lattanzi
Victoria Brown
Liz Binder
Krista Taylor
Karena DeMerchant
Jennifer Self
Donna Owens

Thank you to everyone who played along in this year’s Photo Hunt. We cannot wait to see what you create at the next Clickin Moms event!