You just wrapped up an awesome portrait session. The client was fun, had awesome style and was up for anything. The lighting was perfect, you were coming up with all kinds of great poses and everything just fell into place. You took tons of photos and are so excited about what you were able to capture. You can hardly wait to get home, transfer the photos to your computer and edit them. But you want to share these with someone, validate your feelings of triumph with this session…what do you do?

Submit to a photography inspirational blog, of course!!

But what do inspirational blogs look for in a submission? I get this question a lot, and I have a few tips to help you decide what to submit and how to make the most of the sessions you submit:

1. Follow the Rules

If you are submitting to a blog, make sure to read the rules thoroughly and submit accordingly. Most blogs have a specific way they want the files and each of them are a little different. So make sure to do exactly as stated in the guidelines so your submission will be considered. Most blogs have a specific page with Submission Guidelines so be sure to click on that tab.

2. Carefully Choose Your Photos

When thinking of the photos you wish to submit, look at them with a critique’s eye. Ask yourself…are they in focus, exposed correctly, do they show creativity? Make sure they are edited and show your best work. They do not need to have a fancy action on them or trendy color-cast. They just need to be good, quality photos that showcase your photography skill and style and they need to be consistent. Don’t send in photos that are black and white, color and vintage. Pick a certain style and make all the photos consistent to that style.

3. Be Unique

Your photos need to stand out in a crowd. Blogs receive tons of submissions daily. The submissions that are unique and stand out are the ones that will be featured. So if you have a session that you feel shows off your use of light or really showcases a client’s personality, we want to see it!

4. Don’t Forget the Details

Weddings aren’t the only things to have details. Senior sessions and family sessions can too! Include shots that tell a story about your client or clients. Does she love vintage records, coffee shops and cool hats? If so, include photos of her hands holding the coffee mug, a close up of a favorite record or even the detail of the feather on her hat. Does the family love games and have a game night every Friday? Shoot them in action and get close ups of the game boards, hands holding cards and dice being thrown! There are tons of things you can photograph that help tell the story of your clients.

5. One at a Time

Send one session at a time. You are excited about all of your photo shoots and you want to share each of them. We understand. However, it is better to narrow it down and submit your favorite. You can always submit another session at a later time.

6. Get Permission

Most clients love to be on Facebook and other forms of social media. However, it can never hurt to ask and to be prepared. So check with the senior, family or the parents to make sure they want their photos published. Besides, it gets them super excited for you and for their photos to be on a blog!!

7. Know the Blog and the Audience

Read the blog you want to submit to. Become familiar with the type of work that is featured. Ask yourself…could I see this session on this blog?

8. Be Professional

Make sure you have a working website, blog/blogsite or both. Being published on a blog of any kind will create buzz for your business and direct traffic to your site. Having a good site for all your new fans to visit is a must. If you are just starting out and trying to build your business, wait until your web presence is there before you submit.

9. Include Information

When you submit your session, include some information about the session in your email. Introduce yourself, where you are from, why you love the session you are submitting. Tell us anything that you think will interest us and our readers! We love the photographers we feature and we love getting to know you and learning all about your session!

10. If you are not sure, ASK

If you are not sure about something, don’t understand the rules or simply want to ask a question, send an email! Most editors of blogs will try and respond to you quickly and help you any way they can!