One reason is that the uploaded image is too big for the space that Facebook allows.  The “viewing window” for Facebook photos is a 720 pixel square.  Whatever size image you upload, Facebook will force-fit it into that 720 pixel square box.  So why don’t we presize our Facebook images to 720 pixels on the longest side, and sharpen them for optimal viewing at those dimensions?  Brilliant idea, I say!

Your friends here at ClickinMoms would like to share an action with you that will simplify your life on Facebook.  This action will copy your image to a new file and resize your image to 720 pixels on the longest side, regardless of whether your image is horizontal, vertical, or square.  The action will then add an editable sharpening layer, allow you to adjust the amount of sharpening from the action defaults (if desired), and then let you save the new Facebook-ready file onto your hard drive.

Let’s look at some examples before and after using the ClickinMoms Sharpen for Facebook action.

Here is a baby portrait, uploaded as a high res file:

And now here is the same image uploaded after running the Sharpen For Facebook action:

Let’s try it with a family shot.  Here’s a high res upload:

And here is the same image after running the Sharpen For Facebook action:

To grab this awesome action you need to head over to our Facebook page, naturally!  You need to be a Clickinmoms Facebook Fan in order to grab the action to download so if you’re not already you’ll have to like us first!  That’s the easy part – we’re super likable – promise!;)  Enjoy!


Due to facebook’s new sizing the original action posted with this article is no longer relevant and is no longer available. We do have a new action up along with some free timeline templates! You can get them here.