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Have you been eyeballing a new photography product? Would you like to hear a Pro’s opinion on the product prior to purchasing? We have a new series for you, Click It and Pick It, where the CMpros will be reviewing several of the most talked about photo products! In this installment of the Click It and Pick It series, CMpro Karyn Lee takes ShootProof for a spin.

event organizer in ShootProof

How was the ordering process?

I was really excited to try out ShootProof. I had been looking for an online system for selling prints for a while, so when testing ShootProof was offered to me, I was pretty excited. Once my account was ready to go, I was able to get to work setting it up right away. The interface is pretty easy, but I still managed to get myself lost in the back end. However, a quick call to Customer Support got me sorted out – they really took care of me there.

pricing structure in ShootProof

What was your first impressions of ShootProof?

I really love how I can upload several folders as one big upload, and that it keeps those folders sorted for me – as I do a lot of large volume shoots like dance schools and grad classes, this allows me to keep all the client orders separate with their own individual links and passwords – privacy is so important! I have also been able to build several different price lists and packages, as each session I do requires one of several different price lists.

How will you use the product and how do you think your clients will use it?

The best part though is how thrilled my clients are with this! I began with ShootProof just after I incorporated another photographer’s studio into my own as he retired. He had always been very traditional with his process, and having his previous clients beginning to work with me, they were all extremely happy that they were not only able to place orders online, but also that we now accepted credit cards (through PayPal). I also find in cases of split families, when I am working with classes, split families aren’t shuffling hard-copy proofs from house to house. Because I am not physically handing and sorting proof packages, proofs are delivered to my clients about a week earlier than they used to be.

Album display in ShootProof

Anything else you wish to share?

I really enjoy the options with gallery layout and viewing options – my one minor complaint is that you must choose one of their colour schemes, rather than being able to customize it myself to my business colours. Because I do so much volume work, I chose the plan with 15,000 for $30 a month. I look at this as a comparison between my proofing costs before vs after. What one printed proof set for one class costs, ShootProof costs me for all my classes – the savings have been huge!

Overall, I’m very happy with ShootProof, and would truly recommend it to anyone – high or low volume!

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