One of our wonderful members, Mara, posted this in picture play, looking for some help on the skintones. So I asked her if I could use it for a Photoshop Friday tutorial and she said yes. It’s a really lovely sooc image and doesn’t need much. The main issue is that mom and baby both have excess magenta on their faces and are a bit underexposed as well. To fix this, I used 4 adjustment layers.

This was our starting image. You can see where I chose to drop my color sample points. I was looking for diffused highlights. We don’t want our magenta higher than our yellow so a quick check of my CMYK values confirmed that the magenta was high as well as the cyan. But I knew the cyan would come down once I raised the midtones a bit.

First I added a curves adjustment layer and boosted the midtones and then I went to the green channel and pulled up on it to remove some magenta. I masked this adjustment so it was only on mom and babies face and chest.

Next I added another curves adjustment layer and this time I masked it so it only effected the babies face. I boosted the midtones even further and pulled up on the green channel to remove some more magenta and the red channel to remove some cyan. A check of the info panel told me the yellow to magenta ratio was looking better and we had brought the cyan in line too.

I added a multiply layer at 36% to darken the background up, masking mom and the baby off from it.

The last thing I did was open a selective color adjustment and went to yellows and pulled the yellow slider to -47 and selectively masked it off the shadow areas that seemed to have an excess of yellow.