My photography gear with Lisa Benemelis

the photography gear of photographer Lisa Benemelis

1. Lensbaby composer Pro with Edge 80 optic – I’ve really fallen in love with this lens.

2. Lensbaby Sweet 35

3.  Canon 50mm 1.4 – This was my first lens and I still shoot with it often.

4.  Canon 85mm 1.8

5.  Sigma 35mm 1.4 – I recently added this lens to my collection and I have quickly fallen in love with it.

6. Canon 135L 2.0 – This is my favorite lens.

7.  Canon 100mm 2.8

8.  Canon 5d Mark III –  I love this camera so much that I have no desire to upgrade any time soon.

9.  Kodak Retina IIIc & Xenon 50mm f2- My father-in-law bought this many, many years ago and it was one of his favorite cameras.  He recently gifted it to me because he is so proud of my photography journey.

10.  Range Manager for 80mm lens

11.  Xenon 80mm f9

12.  Xenon 35mm 5.6

13.  Kodak Porta 160

Ketti and Kelly Moore camera bag

14.  Ketti Bag – Citron Poppy

15- Kelly Moore Riva Bag | Saddle – perfect when you want something a little smaller.

Clickin Moms Shutterbag

16.  Girls Day Out SHUTTER|bag – this is my favorite go to camera bag.

miscellaneous camera bag items of photographer Lisa Benemelis

17.  Hand sanitizer – I never leave home without it.

18.  Murad lip gloss with SPF 15

19.  Aveda lip gloss in raspberry ice

20.  Memory Cards

21.  Olloclip lens for the iPhone

22.  micro fiber cloth

23.  Canon RC-6 remote

24. iPhone 5

photography accessories of photographer Lisa Benemelis

25.  Pottery Barn latte coffee mug

26.  iPad – I store all my workshops and breakouts on my iPad and love the convenience of always having them with me to refer to or reread.

27.  We Shall Never Know All The Good That A Simple Smile Can Do – I love this saying and have it hanging at my desk.

28.  Pixel Flash Card Reader

29.  Canon Battery Charger

Lady Jayne Ltd journals

30.  Lady Jayne Ltd Journals – These are always near by to journal, set goals, keep notes or write down something that inspires me.

office area of photographer Lisa Benemelis

This is my desk space.  I have a little corner in the kitchen…close to family.

31.  13″ Macbook Air – I’m so in love with my first laptop!

32.  Click Magazine – I’ve lost count on how many times I have read these magazines!

33.  21.5″ iMac

34. Crystal table lamp

35. At-A-Glance day planner

36. Sharpies – I’m obsessed with Sharpies!

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