Did you know that your Clickin Moms membership subscription comes with a fabulous Trio of gift items – delivered right to your inbox on the 1st of each month?! It’s true! Each month we’ll send you a new, member-exclusive digital Trio of gifts – yours to keep forever! Inside each collection you’ll find: 

  • An educational eGuide dedicated to making you a better photographer
  • A digital download including items such as editing demos or shooting videos, actions, presets, or templates
  • A hand-picked vendor offer exclusive to Clickin Moms members

And SPOILER ALERT! We’re revealing the October Trio – available to members October 1 – here! Here’s what’s coming to your inbox this upcoming month:


Template & Video Download: Sky Overlays and Demo Video

What do you do when you’re not loving the sky you photographed and you feel there is something missing from your image? Add your own sky! In this digital download, you will get five beautiful sky overlays made exclusively for our CM Members by April Nienhuis, along with a demo video showing you exactly how to place and adjust overlays. Give your photos that extra touch you’ve been looking for!


Comprehensive eGuide: What it takes | Commercial Photography

Do you think commercial photography could be for you? In this eGuide, Kristin Dokoza discusses breaking into commercial photography, shares her tips on styling and being creative, advice on how to think quickly on your feet and deliver gorgeous signature shots to your client, and even provides a behind the scenes look at a commercial shoot, including Kristin’s thought process behind how to set up for and get the shot!


Member-Exclusive Vendor Offer: $10 off at the Click & Co Store!

Have you had your eye on something in the Click & Co Store? We’ve put together an exclusive deal just for our Clickin Moms members! Choose from photography gifts, processing tools, eLearning, and more, and take $10 off your purchase!

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The September digital gift Trio includes an eGuide on stock photography by Danielle Hatcher, Facebook cover templates from Rachel Nielsen, and a 25% discount from Beautiful Photo Props.

picture of girl reading a book on the floor by Danielle Hatcher

Facebook timeline template by Rachel Nielsen

newborn twins portrait with Beautiful Photo Props copy