Newborns are pure…

newborn photography by Alicia Gould


newborn photography by Alicia Gould


newborn photography by Alicia Gould


newborn photography by Alicia Gould

There is something that twinkles in a newborn photographer’s eye when you ask them what they love about capturing newborns.  If you can’t see their eyes, you can feel it through their words and images.  Newborns are not easy!  The sessions are longer and require more physical work from the photographer.  You need to train your eye to find pockets of light and recognize flattering compositions. It requires a great deal of patience you didn’t know was possible. It’s all worth it though when you get to cuddle them and inhale their sweet scent.

I am honored to teach the Newborn Photography workshop.  It has been amazing and humbling to watch my students gain confidence and find their styles.  I asked them to share what it is they love about newborns…

“The energy and love found within a home during a newborn session is what really drives me when shooting.  The interaction between family members and a newborn baby is what I truly believe will be most cherished in the years to come and I love helping to create these images for my clients to remember this short lived time in their lives.”
Melissa Stottman, Teaching Assistant

baby picture by Melissa Stottmann

“Sometimes people are surprised that I photograph newborns, since I don’t have any children myself, but what can I say, I was drawn to the wee-est of the wee ones from the very beginning.  I love their unmistakable characteristics, their flaky feet, fuzzy little ears, and sleepy smiles; but most of all, I love giving parents the memory of this new life that fills their heart with so much love.  It’s a blessing.”
Jenni Jones, Teaching Assistant

naked newborn pic by Jenni Jones

“I love photographing newborns because of the love and joy they bring to each session. Capturing a newly smitten father admiring his baby or a new mother snuggling her new bundle of joy makes my own heart sing. They are precious and pure and I love capturing their little details before their newborn newness fades away.”
Marissa Gifford, Teaching Assistant

newborn photo on parents bed by Marissa Gifford

“While I do love snuggling tiny brand new babies, my favorite thing about newborn photography is actually developing a relationship with the entire family. I love walking into client’s homes and seeing how they live and capturing the beauty of their lives with the newest member of their family.”
Sabrina Gebhardt

newborn baby toes picture by Sabrina Gebhardt

I love babies. Their squishy cheeks and lips, tiny fingers and toes, flaky skin, and fresh new scent melt my heart. They are only this tiny for a short moment in time. The first few weeks go by in a such a blur for new parents. I want to capture for them the characteristics of their perfect miracle that change all too quickly. The ones that they might miss through sleep deprived eyes.”
Danielle Parker

adult holding new baby in black and white photo by Danielle Parker

“I love newborn photography because of their newness, their perfection and absolute purity. I am in awe when parents place their dream in my hands and have absolute trust in my skills.”
Carla Bagley

snuggled up baby pic by Carla Bagley

“I love photographing newborn because of their purity and innocence. You can capture them while so peaceful in an organic and simple way yet being able to get their small details that make up newborn beauty.”
Anna Wisjo-Stevens

newborn hands detail photo by Anna Wisjo Stevens

“I never realized until I had my own children, just how fleeting those precious newborn days are.  People tell you how fast it will go, but until you’re living it you never truly understand.  It’s important to me to help families capture those precious first days and details.  So that when they’ve realized how fast it’s gone, their memories will be represented in images for a lifetime.”
Karen Linton

newborn and sibling photo by Karen Linton

“I adore everything about newborns and new mothers.  Being around that kind of love is the reason I do what I do.”
Martha Malcolm

black and white newborn portrait by Martha Malcolm

“I fell in love with photographing newborns during my very first session…even though I had a long way to go in terms of posing, lighting, and shooting angles, I loved the whole process of capturing such an important, fleeting stage of life.”
Samantha Covert

baby and sister picture by Samantha Covert

“I have loved babies since I was a little girl. Since having my own babies it really struck me how quickly those first weeks go and I was so disappointed I didin’t take my first baby to be photographed (I wasn’t a photographer at that time). I’m now so happy to capture all the newness and cuteness of the baby to the parents.”
Laura Schneider

newborn photo by Laura Schneider

“After my first newborn session I fell in love.  I love the calmness of newborn sessions and even when a newborn is being fussy working all the soothing methods keep me calm and relaxed as well.”
Erin Bremer

new baby photo by Erin Bremer

“Newborns are everything that is perfect in this world. Working with them and freezing that moment in time, there’s no feeling that could compete…”
Brittany Blake

black and white newborn picture by Brittany Blake

“Photographing newborns means capturing the beauty of a new, fresh and innocent beginning.”
-Yehudis Goldfarb, yehudisgoldfarb

baby with open eyes picture by Yehudis Goldfarb

“I LOVE my newborn sessions so much… the sweet peaceful time spent  rocking the baby and getting them into the perfect position. The chance to spend hours just loving on a newborn, and admiring every perfect little finger, toe, nose, ear… without being sleep deprived is a beautiful gift.  Being able to photograph this time so the parents can remember it someday (in spite of their sleep deprivation) is a little gift I can give them in exchange.
-Carri Peterson

black and white newborn picture by Carri Peterson

“I have always loved babies; even before I had my own…they are such a miracle. I want to capture every detail about them and help their parents remember them this small forever!”
-Sarah Murchison

family with newborn pic by Sarah Murchison

What do you love about capturing newborns and their families? I can’t wait to meet another amazing group of students next month in the Newborn Workshop! Not only will we focus on lighting and posing to perfect what you love to capture, but also finding your newborn style and processing.  Come join me here!

newborn photography online workshop by Alicia Gould