My favorite things with Tarah Sweeney!

use a tripod to get in the picture

1. Tripod! Being behind the camera is my career and passion, but being in front of it is so important too! It’s so hard to remember to get in the picture, especially when most days it’s just myself and my littles. My tripod makes it possible to get some with just my littles and I as well as family shots!

2. Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara! Life changing stuff folks! After babies, my eyelashes lost a lot of length and thickness and this stuff brings it right back! My beauty must have for sure.

kelly moore libby camera bag

2. My Kelly Moore Libby camera bag. I have gone through quite a few bags/backpacks, but this one is the right fit. I can fit all my gear in it and lots of extra know, like Mary Poppins.  Clearly my daughter loves to find goodies, aka my lipstick, in this bag too!

lorde pure heroine on iphone

5. Lorde and Lana Del Ray music. I love their music and have it on almost always when editing…and even when I’m on the go…iPhone’s are good for more than photos!  Music is good for the soul.

4. Well if this isn’t the most obvious item up for a photographer…the Olloclip!! I love and adore it with my whole heart! A little dramatic I know, but it makes iPhoneography so much more fun and and the images more unique! It also makes it easier (with the wide angle) to get my kids together in the same shot.


6. Vintage stuff!! I never knew I liked vintage goodies until becoming a photographer. Now I am obsessed. Quilts, parasols, old cameras and wagons. Give it all to me!  This vintage parasol in the image is from Japan and I even have the original box with the tags on it.

photographing the sunset at the beach

7. The beach!! Oddly enough, I don’t love going for the typical reasons of laying out or swimming. I love to go in the evening with my little family to walk and build sand castles, people watch on the boardwalk, and of course see the sunset!

8. Canon 70-200 II: This bad boy changed my photography. I’ve always been a prime girl, but when I rented this zoom…well, I knew that it had my name all over it. It made my  client sessions so much more versatile and my compositions a little different than I had with a prime. LOVE it.

9. Minivan. WHAT!? I know, not cool at all. But it has made my life so much easier! Remote opening doors? Tons of space for all my props? Yes and yes!! Soccer mom status.

amazing wall art

10. Street art! Love love love. I don’t love vandalism, making that clear, but I do adore artistic expression when it’s legal. This is one of my fave walls in San Diego – but there are so many more I want to visit!