My favorite things with Beira Brown!

gardening plant by Beira Brown

1. Gardening: There’s nothing like the fullness of flavor and satisfaction from a homegrown tomato (or any other garden vegetable).  My mom has gardened since I was young but it wasn’t until last year when my family went through a food lifestyle change that I started thinking about gardening more seriously. I gardened with her last year and plan on expanding this season. A few more weeks until I can get all my plants into the garden and I can’t wait!

fermented ginger ale photo by Beira Brown

2. Fermented Ginger Ale: To go with that food lifestyle, my favorite drink now aside from water is homemade fermented ginger ale. It is refreshing and amazingly good for the belly.

bowl of soup picture by Beira Brown

3. A good bowl of soup: The first ingredient in any soup should be love. That’s at least what my husband has taught me.  You can find soup on our weekly menu on a regular basis: black bean, butternut squash, and cream of potato are the top three. I wish I could take credit for cooking said soup, but I don’t cook much…so yeah, I just eat it and thank him endlessly for the deliciousness in my bowl.

journal ink and ipad photograph by Beira Brown

4. Journal, ink, and iPad: I love to journal and I’m inspired by good reading materials. Most early mornings you can find me with my journal, pen, and Bible app. As much as I love photographing my family memories, I also like to write down all the little things that capture my heart. In addition to keeping a personal journal of my thoughts, dreams, prayers, and randomness, I have been keeping a journal for both of my kids since I first found out I was pregnant with each.  My iPad is like a huge multipurpose office wrapped into one neat rectangle. Homeschooling keeps me away from the computer most of the day so having access to business essentials is crucial. I have my reading materials all tucked away neatly in my Kindle app. I have educational apps for my kids. I have entertainment in an instant. Podcasts and Amazon Instant Video are my best friends during editing hours.

little pink shoes pic by Beira Brown

5. Little Shoes: I love cute but simple shoes for my kids. I don’t care for the glitter, sequins, action heroes, or dinosaurs on them. Just give me a solid, simple, classic shoe made out of good materials that fit well and I’m happy.

backlit photography by Beira Brown

6. Soft, back-lit portraits: I love sunny days because they bring pretty evening back-lighting opportunities. I go to my “happy place” when I can shoot in the golden hour.