At Clickin Moms, we are always thinking of new contests, challenges, and exercises to strengthen our photographic skills while having fun and making friends. One of our favorite traditions is the monthly forum contest. We announce a new theme at the beginning of the month and Clickin Moms members share what they were inspired to capture.

In October, the Clickin Moms community worked to create images for the theme of “Mobile Photography.” We wanted to see how you capture the world with the camera you almost always have right at your side.

Today we are sharing some of our very favorites for you to enjoy here – every photo taken with a mobile phone. We are thrilled to congratulate Aly Nickerson for her winning shot (above) that has earned her a live Breakout session from Click Photo School!

Molly C
Aimee Glucina
Amy Ryan
Bianca Schurman
Allison Aguilera
Constanze Pfeifer
Brooke Davies
Celia Sloan
Dana Ball
Elizabeth Alexander
Dallas Denoo
Kamila Stofirova
Hana Kim
Janet Douglas
Dina Rosa
Ecem Ozyar
Jamie Rubeis
Jill Liley
Megan Carson
Rhiannon Livardo
Rochelle Hepworth
Rosanna Delfino
Krista Taylor
Kristen Davidson
Katie Brenkert
Megan Yanagi
Lindsay Herkert
Ophelia Goatson James
Rebecca Pattison
Melinda McIntyre
Svetlana VanKempen
Saundra Mouton
Aly Nickerson *WINNER*
Rochel B
Ruth Young
Shilpa Lobo

Do you want a chance for your work to be featured on the Clickin Moms blog and to be eligible to win a live seat to a Click Photo School Breakout Session?

The Clickin Moms November/December forum photo contest is open and the theme is GRATITUDE. We want to see your favorite interpretation of this theme!

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