My photography gear with Celeste Pavlik

I upgraded from the Canon 7D (which I used to take most of the photos here along with my 18-55 kit lens) to the Canon 5D Mark III in July 2012.

Canon camera gear of photographer Celeste Pavlik

1. Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 85mm 1.8 and lens hood attached

2. Canon 100mm 2.8 with Canon lens hood

3. Canon 35mm 2.0

4.  Lensbaby Sweet Composer Pro with 35mm optic

what's in the camera bag of photographer Celeste Pavlik

5. Dynex TRP60 Tripod – I know there are more expensive options out there but this has worked well for me.

6. Sun-Sniper Strap

7. Alzo remote – I love this thing.  It’s easy to use and allows me to get in front of the camera!  One thing to note is that it does drain the battery like crazy.  When I’m done using it, I remove the battery and store it separate.

8. Canon battery – I am not gripped so I always carry an extra charged battery in my bag.

the office space of photographer Celeste Pavlik

the camera bag of photographer Celeste Pavlik

9. Epiphanie Plum Lyric camera bag – I like the padded cross body strap it came with best.

10. Backpack for trips to the park or outdoor shoots

camera bags of photographer Celeste Pavlik

11. Crumpler Haven camera insert pouch – I love this when I’m going to be using the backpack or a large purse. I think mine is the size medium and it has a nice amount of padding inside to keep my gear protected and I like the draw string

12. Random purse from JCPenney

random items in the bag of photographer Celeste Pavlik

15.  Olloclip lens for iPhone.

This is what you’ll find ‘inside’ my bag on most days….

what's in the photography bag of Celeste Pavlik

And of course treats, er, bribes?  My boys love it when I give them chocolate chips in those little medicine cups. They’re the perfect size for their little hands and it holds just the right amount, not too much and more than just a couple!  The toys are little treasures that they found at the park on our last trip.  I always have an assortment of these fun little treasures in my bags on any given day.

office items of photographer Celeste Pavlik

19. iPad – I was an iPad late bloomer.  I don’t know how I lived without one for so long!  I load all my workshop pdfs and books on to it.  Makes it easy to access them on the go when I have a few minutes to read here and there.  Of course  iPad time is another ‘treat’ the boys can earn – I think they use it more than me at this point. The cover I keep on it religiously is a Griffin iPad case.  So far so good!

20. Card Reader – Targus brand.  I think I picked it up at Wal-Mart for under $15

21. X-Rite i1D2 Calibrator – I’ve never used any other kind but this one and it is simple to use.  I highly recommend it.

22. Canon battery charger

23. iPhone – need I say more?  I’m a huge instagrammer too.  I love capturing everyday moments without having to worry about having my big camera on hand.

24. G- drive 2TB external hard drive

25. Mmmm…. my favorite coffee to start my day.  Starbucks Breakfast Blend with a bit of sugar, a lot of Coffee-Mate Caramel Macchiato Creamer, and a tablespoon of Cool-whip. Yum!

desk area of photographer Celeste Pavlik

And this is my workspace.  I edit primarily at night so the window that is behind me where I’m standing to take the picture here is not glaring on my monitor as you see here.  I love my little space and the space to camera right.  There is an additional part you can not see which is where I keep my sewing machine.

office area of photographer Celeste Pavlik

And this is where my boys usually are if I get on the iMac during the day (rare) to play or watch tv.  You can see I still keep up a baby gate to the entry of my niche to keep them from getting in there and messing with my stuff!

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