The second run of CMs First Steps with a DSLR photography workshop with instructor Amy Lucy Lockheart is starting in just a few short weeks. If you’ve always wanted to take better photos of your kids, but haven’t ventured outside of Auto Mode because all those buttons and dials are confusing, then this is the perfect class for you! Some of the students from the first run of this class were brand new owners of their cameras and had no experience outside of auto mode and within 3 short weeks were already shooting in aperture priority and shutter priority modes. They became much more thoughtful about their compositions and use of light, and gained valuable tools for interacting with their subjects, capturing details, and telling a story with their images.

Check out what some students from the first run had to say about First Steps with a DSLR. Most of these
gorgeous images are straight out of camera shots!

beginner photography online workshop assignment from Katy Wehbeh

“What I got out of class: I feel as though I learned so much in a short space of time! I started knowing nothing at all, except that I liked to take pictures. I loved the way the lessons were broken down each week, focusing on composition and light, aperture and then shutter speed. Finally I understood what those numbers on my camera meant, as well as what all of the buttons were for – my manual went from straight out of the box and new looking, to being a permanent fixture in my handbag, all creased and dog eared pages. This class took away my fear of learning, and of being overwhelmed by all I have to learn – and it was so much fun!”
-Katy Wehbeh

beginner photography online workshop assignment from Patricia Brogan

“I think the thing I loved most about First Steps with a DSLR was that it gave me the belief that I was capable of taking the photographs that I always wanted to. I don’t think without this course, and Amy’s encouragement and fabulous tutorials, I would have been able to consider going on to shoot in manual and try other workshops than previously would have intimidated me. I think my photography now has so much more meaning and I definitely have moved on from taking snapshots. I am becoming so much more proud of my work and am excited to learn more.

I just finished doing the Best Darn Beginners Course and only yesterday signed up for Lightroom 101. I would never have signed up for either of these without the knowledge and confidence that Amy’s course gave me.”
-Patricia Brogan

beginner photography online workshop assignment from Kristin White

“Amy’s class was THE BEST starting point for me on Clickin Moms. It can be easy to get overwhelmed, lost, and sometimes even discouraged in the forums at first, especially if you are a new hobbyist mom like me. There is just so much information, and so many amazing photographers that you realize how much your images can improve. First Steps with a DSLR was just the class I needed. I thought I knew Manual mode and I thought I had the basics down from reading books and blogs. Nope! After the class I can’t believe how better my images are straight out of the camera! This class helped me step back, slow down, and re-learn the basics to really solidify them. Now I can identify areas where I want to improve and figure out what I want to learn going forward!”
-Kristin White

beginner photography online workshop assignment from Leann Stoneburg

“I purchased my first DSLR in preparation for the birth of our first baby. I wanted crisp, clean, creative photos of our new addition. Well, as her first birthday approached, I was still taking photos on my little point and shoot because I just wasn’t getting “lucky” with my big camera. It was way harder than I thought it would be. I actually came across Amy Lucy Photography on Facebook (we both reside in MN), and a little click here, and a little click there, and the next thing you know, I found myself on the CM website and registered for her class! The first thing I would comment about the class is that Amy’s weekly handouts are fabulous. They have become like a bible to me. She writes in a style that is so easy to understand, and the details she gives about every little itty bitty thing are beyond plentiful. And that means a lot when you are taking an online course. Also, the handouts contain so many visuals which really helped me finally wrap my brain around things like aperture and shutter speed and what it all means technically. What was also great were the critiques we received online each week. The critiques were supportive yet constructive. I was really pleased with this, because I did not want a course where all you heard was compliments. I wanted to learn. In the end, I had (and am still having) those giddy moments when it all comes together and you capture an amazing shot! I feel as if I can now assess a potential shot quickly and shoot it, where before I would just start clicking and hope I would get something. Now I’m getting the shots I want. Next stop: Full Manual!”
-Leann Stoneburg

beginner photography online workshop assignment from Jennifer German

“I spent four years shooting in one of the automatic modes. The amount of variables involved in manual was overwhelming. First Steps allowed me to make sense of all those variables. I learned more in those few weeks than I had in four years of trying to learn on my own. This class allowed me to take my photography to a place I only dreamed of!”
-Jennifer German

First Steps with a DSLR is a 3 week beginner photography workshop designed to help new photographers move beyond auto mode and get the most out of their cameras. You’ll learn basic concepts of composition, how to work with natural light and how to be a more mindful photographer. By the end of the workshop, you‘ll have moved on from auto into the semi-automatic modes (program, aperture-priority, and shutter-priority) to gain better control over your images. Topics such as interacting with subjects, capturing the details, storytelling, and gaining inspiration will be covered. First Steps is a great fit for anyone who getting started in photography who wants to get the most out of their DSLR. The class format is flexible — participate when and how you like via an online forum — there are no set hours and Clickin Moms membership is not required.

Class starts Monday, May 13th and you can find all the information to sign up here!