It’s the season of cookouts and pool parties and long evenings catching fireflies. School’s out. The sun is shining. And memories are being made.

And we think you should capture it all.

But it can be a challenge to get all of what makes summer special into a single frame. How do you capture the warmth of the sun or the sound of ocean waves or the feeling of the grass on your bare feet?

A great way to translate what makes summer so special is to include items that are synonymous with the season. Giving visual cues to the more universal experiences of summer can take your audience right back to their own summertime memories. This kind of nostalgia is incredibly powerful in creating a viewer experience that goes beyond sight. It taps into all the senses and it allows for personal connections to be made to your photographs.

That’s why we created a list of simple, inexpensive items that will positively make your summer photos. They are easy to find (you definitely have most of them in your home or yard already!) and are natural to include as you capture your own summertime memories. If you want to document the season, then you need this list!

The Photo Hunt list

If you are looking for summer inspiration, then look no further than the Clickin Moms Photo Hunt! We have put together a list of 84 items that will keep you inspired as you capture your best summer memories.

We like to download the Photo Hunt list directly to our phones. That way we always have it close by at all times.

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gingham tablecloth


Whether it’s on a dress or a table cloth, gingham is the official pattern of summertime. It evokes memories of midday picnics and skipping through fields and we can’t get enough of it.

We love a classic red and white gingham table cloth for summer flat lays. Play with the color and geometry to create something special.


There is nothing quite so cute and funny as a kid wearing giant goggles. Adding goggles to your portrait is a great way to add an extra layer of humor while giving a subtle nod to the season.

Whether you choose sporty goggles, a snorkel mask, or these amazing bedazzled flamingo goggles, this fun prop adds an extra dose of summer to your photographs.

beach towel

Beach towels

Beach towels are a great photo prop as they are colorful, have texture and patterns, and portable. Try using a beach towel as a wrap or shoot from overhead as your subject lays on the towel on the ground. The possibilities are endless!


Are you the kind of photographer who waits until the last hour of the day to take out your camera? We get it! Golden hour is lovely! But the most quintessential summer memories often happen in the middle of the day when the sun is high and the shadows are harsh.

Challenge yourself to shoot in the bright midday sun (or even use flash to recreate midday sun!) and see what kinds of fun shots you can get that capture the feeling of summer.

girl wearing sunglasses with blue sky in background
pool floats

Pool toys

Lazy days floating in the pool might be the best part of summer. And with pool toys as cute as these? Who could resist?!

Play with your perspective and with your focal length to get some variety in your pool float images. If you are up for a great challenge, try shooting underwater (with a protective housing!) to photograph your pool toys from below the surface.

Cool treats

Warm weather just *begs* for certain treats: ice cream cones, frozen drinks, popsicles. Including these foods in your photos will add an instant dose of summertime fun to your pictures.

Drink umbrellas

Nothing says “sunny days by the pool” like a little umbrella in your drink. If you are going to do some food photography with your favorite summer beverage, add one of these cute little accessories to the cup and you have instant summertime magic!


It seems simple enough, but adding water to the mix of your summer photos can make all the difference in setting the scene. Whether it be the kids playing in the sprinkler or getting underwater with your camera while everyone swims (we think this underwater camera bag is pretty cool!), add water to the mix for some extra summer fun.

summer color citrus kellie bieser

Summer color

Each season comes with colors that match its vibe. The deep jewel tones of fall, the icy cold colors of winter, the pastels and fresh greens of spring. And summer is no different! Be intentional when choosing colors to add to your summer photos and seek out items and locations that have the bright, vibrant hues of summertime.

And don’t forget! There is still time to join the 2019 Clickin Moms Photo Hunt and capture summer. Get your list of 84 summertime-inspired items today and join the fun!