If you’ve never used a Lensbaby before, they almost seem like a mysterious kind of secret, something unique and totally different.

This is how I felt before I joined in on the fun about nine months ago.

Lately I’ve found more and more people experimenting with them, and loving them. They bring something fresh and new to images and they are not expensive compared to most lenses.

I remember being totally intrigued with them before I got mine, from how they work technically to how you attach them to the camera. There’s a great deal of information on the Lensbaby website, but really the only way to explore a Lensbaby is to get your hands on one and have a go.

Lensbaby lenses attach directly onto your camera body and there are eight interchangeable optics that can be easily removed or replaced with one another. Each of these optics give you slightly different effects.

The lenses are built to bend, as much or as little as you wish, which is what gives you the tilt shift effect. I own the Composer Pro with double glass Optic and the Sweet 35 Optic. I couldn’t tell you which I prefer, both are uniquely fun in their own way and I like to switch them around depending on my mood and the image that I’m creating.

These images were taken earlier this year using the double glass optic. I love the ethereal feel that this lens gives to the images, it almost takes them into another realm.

There is definitely a learning curve when using a Lensbaby and one of the things that I found when first using one, is that I shot more frames then I usually would. As time went on and I became more familiar and comfortable with it, I found myself shooting less frames, but it’s just something that improved with practice.

I also take the time to stop and look in the viewfinder after the first few frames and especially if I bend the lens – I want to make sure that focus is still falling on my subject and each time you bend the tilt shift part of the lens, this can change.

I would recommend when practicing at first, not bending the lens too much, you’ll still get a lovely blurry background and it’s easier to keep focus on your subject.

Practice is the key with Lensbaby, the more you practice the better you get. I’ve found this to be true of everything photography related but the slightly more unpredictable nature of a Lensbaby or a tilt shift makes this even more necessary. For me, the practicing and experimenting is the fun part.

Another great way to practice is to use objects that don’t move. This allows you to get used to the lens, without worrying about focusing on moving subjects. These were taken using my double glass optic.

Capturing children with a Lensbaby

One of my favourite ways to use a Lensbaby is capturing my kids. The fantastic tilt shift effect of the lens just enhances that dreaminess and playfulness that we often associate with childhood. It allows me to focus completely on my subject, leaving the background very soft and smudgy.

It’s absolutely possible to get a nice sharp subject with a lens baby but I have to admit, moving children are not the easiest subjects in the world. I’ve adopted a pretty relaxed attitude when using the combination of kids and the Lensbaby because sometimes I get images like this:

composer pro with sweet 35 optic

And other times I get images like this:

I try not to get hung up about the whole focus thing, because if I did, I’d miss moments like these, and I love them every bit as much. Having fun with the Lensbaby is really what matters to me and why I reach for it as often as I do.

Whenever I’m feeling in a rut, or just uninspired, this is my lens of choice. Lensbaby takes me out of the everyday, out of the ordinary and allows me to take my images just that little bit further.

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