Ever wonder how to price your work?

Some people would tell you to mark your products up a certain amount.  Obviously we need to make sure that we have enough margin to cover costs and ensure profitability, but are our products and services only worth what they cost us?

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Some people think that you should offer a low, middle and high package and set your middle package at your desired average sale.  You may have also heard that you should set a la carte prices at a high level and then create packages that discount those prices.

No doubt, all of this can work.  But does it make you happy to offer your work this way? And is it easy for your clients to buy under these structures?  Is it easy for them to understand exactly what they are getting?  Are you confident that these systems will give you exactly what you want to make or give the client exactly what they need?

Most photographers build pricing the same way they did back in the film days, where the primary value was having a medium format film camera and knowing what to do with the film.  They were able to charge a small amount for photographing knowing that they held all the deliverables for ransom.  I think we’re beyond this point.

What if you could avoid holding the images for ransom?

What if we could price not just for the paper (or files) but for the value behind our work?

What if we could radically simplify what we offer so that it makes complete sense to the client and makes the sales process easier for everyone?

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The goal of this upcoming workshop is to simplify your overall business by helping you better manage expectations and build a business that makes sense to your clients.  You’ll start making the sale and getting the client comfortable with the price from day one.

To have confidence in your pricing in specific, and your overall business in general you have to know what your goals are, and exactly what your plan is for reaching those goals.  The purpose of Business 201 is to help you find that level of confidence.