In photography, in blogging, and in life it’s important to have a support system; a group of people who understand what you’re talking about, the ins and outs of your industry, right?  That’s why most of us love the Clickin Moms photography forum! But how about taking it a step further and finding that support system in person?

*Photo by Jessica May Photography

As a blogger, I’ve found unending support and encouragement from other bloggers and I think it’s true in the photography world, too, based on the kindness and willingness to help I’ve witnessed here at CM.  I’ve helped plan a few blogger events to help locals come together, meet, laugh and commiserate.  People from all walks of life (parents, singles, foodies, photogs, etc.) with one thing in common – blogging.  Since blogging and photography are starting to go hand in hand, why not set up a meet-up with fellow local artists and see if you can build a support system there?

*Photo by Jessica May Photography

Some tips for setting up a get together:

  • Use your blog or Facebook page to gauge interest in a local meetup.  It doesn’t have to be big or fancy! Even meeting up at a local coffee shop or arranging a photo walk is a great start.
  • If you do decide to make it a larger affair, book an event room at your favorite local restaurant and tell them what you’re planning – sometimes places will offer a discount if they know the people attending are influential.
  • Ask around for some fun sponsors! Maybe you know someone who makes great camera straps, or a fantastic local photography shop. See if they’d want to donate a prize for a raffle for a bunch of great photographers.
  • Speed “dating”!  I know everyone kind of groans at this kind of stuff, but start your meetup with a little get to know you exercise.  This will get everyone talking about what their photography passions are, what they’d like to improve, etc.  Or why not make a game out of it with an Instagram photo scavenger hunt? You just need something fun to get the ball rolling.
  • Start a private Facebook group for your local group.  This gives you a great platform to easily discuss tips and tricks, ask questions and even help refer people, “Anyone in here available to be a second shooter this weekend?”, etc.
  • Most importantly, remember that you should view your fellow artists not as competition, but as support. We all have different styles, different strengths, and weaknesses. How great would it be if you could refer someone you trust to a friend who has a different style than you typically shoot?  To say, “hey I know the perfect local person for you!”  And to know that that person will pay it forward to you when the time comes? Awesome!

*Photo by Sara Gray Photography

Meeting new people and stepping out of your comfort zone can be hard, I know!  But I think if you give it a shot you’ll find it’s super rewarding to meet other people who have the same passions you do. Good luck!