One of our favorite long-running traditions in the Clickin Moms community is our forum contest. We announce a new theme at the beginning of the month and our fabulous members share what they were inspired to capture.

The Gold Hope Project provide beautiful photographs free of charge to kids who have been affected by cancer. By raising awareness, funding innovative research, and partnering with volunteer photographers around the world, The Gold Hope Project is making a difference.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and the Clickin Moms community made images to honor the children who have fought or are fighting cancer. With the theme “Gold Hope,” our members shared photographs that mirrored the beauty and strength of these special kids and of The Gold Hope Project.

Congratulations to Julie Audoux for her winning image (above) that has earned her a live Breakout Session from Click Photo School!

Read on to the bottom of this post to see how you can enter this month’s contest. But first, please enjoy this collection of some of our very favorite and inspiring images from this past month:

Aimee Glucina
Allison Davis
Mara Guerrero
Kylie Clem
Kory Callihan
Natalie Finney
Karin Schilling
Kathy Roberts
Krystal Weir
Dewi Koomen
Mandy Stewart
Gina Anderson
Mickie DeVries
Molly C
Katherina Faley
Rochel Goldberger
Romi Bustelo
Marissa Melvin
Dallas Denoo
Theresa Ratermann
Beth Cagnoni
Ally Frantz
Vanessa Barrow
Jessica Breuer
Sarah Keene
WINNER: Julie Audoux
Jillian Baudry
Kristin Vukcevic
Agnieszka Stefaniak
Kristin Vucina
Evy Mackland
Jessica Nelson
Courtney Heckler
Mandy Trickey
Nicole Ball
Ardianne Richards
Nicole LaPointe
Brea Robinson
Ally Quinlan

Do you want a chance for your work to be featured on the Clickin Moms blog and to be eligible to win a live seat to a Click Photo School Breakout Session?

The Clickin Moms October forum photo contest is open and the theme is FALL COLORS. We invite you to share your favorite image inspired by this theme.

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