If you’re not following the CMglimpse project on Instagram then you should be. The talent there is incredible!

The CMglimpse project is where we post a list of daily photo prompts centered around capturing a glimpse of your life each week (the list goes up on Sundays). To participate, simply shoot your themed image with your iPhone or Android, tag it #cmglimpse, and post it to Instagram!

Week after week, Instagramers are following the prompt list and rocking out one awesome photo after another. Each week here on the CMblog we’ll be featuring 13 of our favorite CMglimpse photos from the previous week. Prepare to be inspired!

backlit tree instagram photograph by robertsonjenn


bible reading instagram picture by jessschugardt


out of focus instagram photo by hmeyer626


Would you like to participate in next weeks list? Here it is and you’ll just follow the prompts and then tag your photos #cmglimpse. And don’t forget to follow Clickin Moms on Instagram too!

CMglimpse instagram photo project prompt list for October 6

CMglimpse instagram photography project