Have you ever wondered how your favorite photographers stay inspired?

Do you wish that you could have access to their unending ideas and creativity?

Well guess what? We know the secret: COMMUNITY!

Over at Clickin Moms, we are always thinking of new contests, games, and exercises to strengthen our photographic skills while having fun and making friends. One of our favorite traditions is the monthly forum contest. We announce a theme and the Clickin Moms members share all of the ways that they were inspired to capture it.

In January, the Clickin Moms community worked to create images for the theme of “New.” These photographs beautifully illustrate the wonder and hope of discovery, fresh starts, and beginnings.

Today we are sharing some of our very favorites for you to enjoy here and we know that you are going to be just as inspired as we are by the amazing artists of the Clickin Moms community. We are thrilled to congratulate Heather Hmrva for her winning shot (above) that has earned her a live Breakout session from Click Photo School!

Camille Camacho
Ioana Muntean
Amy Murgatroyd
Chanelle Torckler
Agata Polak
Cariely Benitez Lemus
Bonnie Cornelius
Charis Kauffman
Dallas Denoo
Jacque Holmes
Daphné Lamontagne
Erin Reinholtz
Elizabeth Sandoval
Dustyn Yonke
Whitney Elyse
Christina Rittenburg
Tara Needham
Kristin McGowan
Libby Myers
Christina Rittenburg
April Wood-Vargas
Tina Krafts
Tricia Pompilio
Melissa Hunt
Clare Midock
Stephanie Hance
Niki Murphy
Meredith Minor
Melissa Sessa
Llaria Cossettini
Megan Larochelle
Liz Binder
Lisa Northum
Lisa Schwenneker
Lindsey Bohlen
Laura Kuisle
Kathleen Collins
Kayleen Schultz
Jenny Rosenbring
Katharine Vogel
LaDonna Whitlock
Jen Cooke
Jessica Meyers

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