One of our favorite posts here on the Clickin Moms blog each month is this one, the monthly member share.  We love throwing a theme out to the forum members and seeing how they interpret it.  This month, guest judge Dana Lauder chose the theme of ‘fresh’ and there were so many fantastic and varying images submitted.  These were a few of Dana’s favorites…

bowl of cherries pic by Monica Wilkinson

Monica Wilkinson

boy being splashed with water picture by Lisa Tichane

Lisa Tichané

corn on the cob pic by Erica Everhart

Erica Everhart

fresh fruit picture by Holly Berfield

Holly Berfield

animal and heart cookie dough picture by Liz Behm

Liz Behm

fresh grilled food photograph by Kristin Dokoza

Kristin Dokoza

fresh growing plant photograph by Kasey McCoy

Kasey McCoy

fresh rosemary photo by Tami @azphotogmom

Tami (azphotogmom)

kid eyeing a bowl of blueberries photo by Karlee Hooper

Karlee Hooper

new mom holding baby in hospital photo by Nikki Toth

Nikki Toth

newborn in the hospital photo by Bonnie Hussey

Bonnie Hussey

newborn portrait by Bonnie Cornelius

Bonnie Cornelius

Would you like the opportunity to be featured in next month’s photo share here on the CMblog?  Our next guest judge has asked for your favorite ‘endings’ photos which you can submit here.  Not a member of the forum?  Don’t forget that you can sign up for a 30 day FREE trial!