We like to shop around here but what we really enjoy doing is sharing our most loved items with our favorite people – YOU!

Today we have Elle Walker, Click Pro and a brilliant fine art photographer, joining us to share just a few of her favorite things.

family photo of Elle Walker by Katie Hillary
Photo by Katie Hillary

1. My family

I know it sounds obvious but family is without a doubt my most favourite thing in the world and I feel blessed every single day that I get to do life with mine by my side.

I married my husband in 2006 and we still live in the same town we both grew up in. We have three gorgeous kiddos and are lucky enough to be surrounded by nieces and nephews as well – plenty of noise and fun!

black and white pic of kid behind a door by Elle Walker

2. Anonymity

There is something so thought provoking about looking at an image that incorporates anonymity and I love using this element within my own work!

Shooting reflections in puddles or from outside windows not only help to present a unique perspective but also allows for the viewer to be left wanting to know more.

strong is the new pretty book

3. Strong Is The New Pretty book

There really is nothing more relaxing than settling down with a good book. What better book than one like Strong Is The New Pretty that combines photography and truly inspiring girls!

My daughter adores this book as much as I do and she’s even been brainstorming quotes and image ideas for us to make her some ‘pages’ of her own!

underwater pic with a go pro hero 5 by Elle Walker

4. GoPro Hero 5

I love this little camera! I’ve only had the GoPro HERO 5 for a short while (we’ve had an older version for a couple of years), but am already taking it everywhere.

Having the LCD screen on the back makes it so much more fun and user friendly for the whole family and being able to shoot underwater in our pool is SO exciting! I love the wide view but having the option to shoot ‘standard’ comes in handy, too.

photo of a horses mane by Elle Walker

5. Horses

Horses have been a part of my life since I was a child, spending most weekends with my sister and Mum competing at various events.

I love that we all still ride and that I get to share that love with my daughter and nieces now, too. They happen to make amazingly gorgeous photography subjects too, which is a big bonus!

Rim Walk at Kings Canyon in the Australian Outback by Elle Walker

6. Exploring the Outback

I adore outback Australia! All of that red dirt and the beautiful, natural landscapes – it really is my happy place!

This image of my husband and kids was taken last year while doing the 6km ‘Rim Walk’ at Kings Canyon. A definite highlight of that trip.

floral photograph by Elle Walker

7. Fresh flowers

I absolutely love having fresh flowers throughout our home and find beauty in their every stage. From single stems to artfully arranged bunches, the colours, textures and scents are so lovely!

They happen to make fairly stunning photographic subjects, too – which is a definite bonus!

pic of child and dog dressed as superheros by Elle Walker

8. Cloudy Skies

I really don’t love a clear blue sky… give me interesting clouds or stormy horizons any day!

Whether I’m shooting landscapes or portraits, or something else all together, I love the added depth and drama an active sky can bring to an image

picture of kids camping by Elle Walker

9. Camping

There are always 1001 things that need doing at home but getting away for a few days or weeks is so good for the soul.

I love watching the kids discover their new ‘backyard’ and having the time to appreciate the simple things, like the number of stars in a big open sky. And who doesn’t love a marshmallow on a stick!

ruins in Australia in black and white by Elle Walker

10. Old buildings

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the beauty of old buildings. I am always drawn in to trying to get a sense of their history and story and spend far too long exploring and admiring.