10 things child and farm photographer Danielle Awwad loves

  • pic of boy giving a chicken a kiss by Danielle Awwad

We like to shop around here but what we really enjoy doing is sharing our most loved items with our favorite people – YOU!

Today we have Danielle Awwad, Click Pro and a brilliant photographer of her own children and farm, joining us to share just a few of her favorite things.

photo of three siblings playing by Danielle Awwad

1. Spending time with my family

This is my number one favorite thing to do. We could be snuggling and watching movies or off on an adventure in the woods. No matter what we are doing I am happy we are together. Some of our favorite places to explore are local and state parks in Michigan.

photo of boy feeding carrots to horses by Danielle Awwad

2. Lightroom

I love Lightroom because I am able to bring my vision to life. This program allows me to add extra warmth to my images and helps bring out the rich colors I love to produce in my work.

pic of boy holding a duck by Danielle Awwad

3. Having animals

I love teaching my children how to care for and treat animals. I enjoy getting to know each animal’s different personality and watch as my children bond with different ones. We currently have horses, chickens, dogs, cats and ducks. I hope to eventually add a cow, pigs and another dog to our long list of farm animals.

photo of girl reaching for a cat on a bail of hay by Danielle Awwad

4. Canon 85mm f/1.2L lens

This lens gives me the dreamy bokeh and compression that I love to have in my images. It is quick to focus and handles low light like a dream. This lens is very durable as well. It practically lives on my camera when we are outdoors.

pic of boy looking at a Christmas tree by Danielle Awwad

5. Anything Christmas

I love the lights, the magic and the cheer that this holiday brings. Nothing can put me in a better mood then listening to Christmas music. We actually have a Christmas tree in every room of our home, many may think it is over kill, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

photo of boys sleeping by Danielle Awwad

6. iPad

I honestly don’t use my iPad for much but the reason that I love it so much is that it produces wonderful light that I use to light my subjects in extreme low light conditions. It allows me to shoot in situations that I normally wouldn’t be able to shoot in.

photo of Lowepro bag by Danielle Awwad

7. Lowepro Flipside 400 AW Backpack

This backpack is so durable! I use it daily and it also doubles as a diaper bag. I am able to fit all my lens in it as well as needed accessories. It makes traveling with my camera gear a breeze.

picture of kids feet and their nature treasures by Danielle Awwad

8. Canon 35mm f/1.4L lens

This lens my go to lens in the winter months because we are indoors more often. I love that it is not as heavy as my 85mm. I also love that it focuses fast and I am able to shoot different perspectives in my images while using this lens, such as shooting from above or below.

picture of boy holding an Amazon Prime box by Danielle Awwad

9. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a must for a country girl like myself who has three small children. There is nothing better than getting all your shopping done with a few clicks of a button. I am not a big shopper so using Amazon makes the process more enjoyable for me.

photo of girl running in the country by Danielle Awwad

10. Canon 5D Mark IV

This camera comes everywhere with me and I have been able to push it to the brink. It still delivers daily and I can’t imagine shooting without one in hand. I love using it both for stills and video. It makes shooting in low light situations divine and the color is produces is gorgeous.


About the Author:

Danielle is a natural light photographer who focuses in the areas of fine art, lifestyle and environmental portraiture. She lives on a large hay farm in Michigan with her husband, three small children and a lot of fur babies. Danielle loves to find light in the most unexpected places. She enjoys documenting her family and their daily adventures of farm living. When she is not behind the camera you will often find her outdoors, riding her horses or cooking with her children.

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    That Lense is absolutely fantastic, great photos, so sharp and love the bokeh!

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