We like to shop around here but what we really enjoy doing is sharing our most loved items with our favorite people – YOU!

Today we have Caroline Jensen, Click Pro and a captivating food photographer, joining us to share just a few of her favorite things.

Amy Howard paint

1. DIY distressed painting

I just love distressed furniture with chippy paint. It started as a way to make surfaces for food photography and morphed into taking over most of my house.

We have a quaint little shop called Junk with Purpose in Walnut Grove, MN (yes, the same one of Little House on the Prairie fame!) and I have decorated most of my home with up-cycled pieces I purchased there. Recently, I have started to find and paint my own pieces.

linen towels by Caroline Jensen

2. Bless Me linen towels

I love all things linen and have been so happy with these towels. They are thinner than a cotton towel, but dry you off much quicker, while staying fresh smelling days longer.

Linen is naturally antibacterial, so as long as they dry and you use them freshly out of the shower, you can avoid a load of laundry or two a week.

Nordic Ware pans by Caroline Jensen

3. Nordic Ware pans

I have a borderline obsession for these pans. I should have never discovered that they have their one and only outlet store here in MN.

My current collection is hovering around 40 pans, but I’m sure there will be more. There is something so satisfying about watching the design tip out of the pan. 🙂

Westcott Flex being used for food photography by Caroline Jensen

4. Westcott Flex 2x2

This light rocks. I use it for everything from portraiture, food, and still life, to product photography. I wish I had it years ago.

The light is so soft and really fools one into thinking its’ a window, even me! I have to look at the exif sometimes to decipher if it was my window or if I popped the Flex in there.

picture of snow covered trees by Caroline Jensen

5. Vintage glass

My 1960s ‘dream lens’ is therapy in metal and glass. I just love the insane bokeh and unpredictable nature of this one-of-a-kind lens.

6. Textures

I just love textures. Jessica Drossin Textures have been a mainstay of my work for at least nine years now. I just love them!

Fiesta-ware mugs by Caroline Jensen

7. Fiesta-ware mugs

I shouldn’t love these as much as I do. They are so heavy and crazy comforting filled with coffee or tea on a cold morning. I have almost every color, plus they all work together, no matter the style. Classic.

Lensbaby lenses by Caroline Jensen

8. Lensbaby collection

I say collection because I pretty much own every model. They are such a fun way to break out of reality for a time and make art that feeds my soul.

photo of instant pots by Caroline Jensen

9. Instant pots

Ya’ll, I have three Instant Pots. That might give you an indication of why I rarely use my stove. It is not uncommon to have at least two going at one time.

I eat very simply and from scratch. Beans, rice, potatoes, applesauce… it’s all super fast and painless in my ipots. I even travel with my three quart model!

Apples to Apples game by Caroline Jensen

10. Family dinner and game night

This is number one to me. I NEED family time with everyone around our big table. My kids are all getting older and family meals have become all the more important to me.

I pretty much designed my new kitchen around how many kids and extended family I can cram in. Throw in game night and my life is complete. <3