creativity exercise: photographer in the frame

Technically, all shots are taken from the photographer’s perspective (after all, that is your head behind the camera, right?), but this week, take a shot that really makes the viewer feel like she is seeing the world from your eyes. Look down (yes, right now, and without your camera), and what do you see? Your arms, hands, legs, feet … your body! Bring that into the frame.

Take a shot that tells us something about you and incorporates some part of your body in your image. — your goal is to really make the viewer feel like she is stepping into the shoes of the person behind the camera.

And here are some of the faves submitted for the exercise:

Clickinmoms Mrs Fun

Misti Dawson



What’s the best way to improve your photography? Shoot thoughtfully and frequently! Try new things and embrace creative and technical challenges. Every month, Sarah Wilkerson posts a new tutorial and challenges our members to join in a new Creativity Exercise on the Clickin Moms photography forum. At the conclusion of the exercise, we select Editors’ Choice images from among the exercise submissions and share them here with you on the blog. Congratulations to the ladies whose photographs included in the exercise above were selected as this month’s Editors’ Choices, and thank you to everyone who participated in the exercise!

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About the Author:

Sarah Wilkerson is the CEO of Click & Company and also provides mentoring services, teaches advanced Click Photo School courses on composition & creativity, and authors the “Why It Works” series in CLICK magazine. She specializes in low light photography, everyday documentary, and tilt-shift work. A former attorney and Duke graduate, Sarah resides in northern Virginia with her Army JAG husband, four children, and three dogs.


  1. Holly Thompson Sep 23 2010 at 8:23 am - Reply

    Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for choosing my photo to be part of this amazing exercise! Sarah is so creative and this really taught me to think of a new perspective when shooting. I LOVE the other entries! Congratulations to all of the ladies!!!

  2. Melissa Sep 23 2010 at 9:35 am - Reply

    Thanks for selecting my photo!! I really enjoyed that this exercise helped me to think outside of the box. LOVE the other photos!! Just looking at Kathy's makes me dizzy!

  3. Jes Gwozdz Sep 23 2010 at 10:18 am - Reply

    Great work, ladies! I love all of these images!

  4. traci Sep 24 2010 at 7:29 pm - Reply

    all of the images are very cool!

    my favorite is the salad 🙂

  5. KristiP Sep 28 2010 at 10:56 am - Reply

    Soooo wish I could get into one of these classes!! Great job ladies!!

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