As photographers, it’s easy to get stuck in a pattern and take many of the same photographs over and over without realizing it. Do you ever feel like you need a challenge, need to try something new but you’re not sure what? Well, we have something to help you out!

Every other Monday, inside the ClickinMoms photography forum, there is a new creativity exercise posted. At one point we may explore photographing motion while another time we may experiment with taking portraits that exclude the head. These exercises are a great way of helping you think “outside the box” and to start looking at your photography in a new light, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced photographer. Want to know the best part? The exercises never end. That’s right, you can go back to the exercises at the beginning of the year and participate. We had some amazing pictures shared in our previous exercise which challenged CMers to get up high and shoot. Here are just a few of those photographs:

Carey, “moriazuriel”:

Carol, “carolswait”:

Jess, “clarabean”:

Jessica, “jessica_lynn”:

Melissa, “four orchards”:

Melissa, “mgibson”:

Anyone up for a new exercise? Jump in here to participate as we utilize alternative light sources.

Have an idea for a creativity exercise? Leave a comment below with your suggestions.