For the past several months, as the culmination of a discussion spanning more than two years, the Clickin Moms team has been working on some exciting changes that reflect, celebrate, and formalize the growth and progress our company has experienced since it inception in 2008.

What began as a supportive forum for moms who love photography has blossomed into a parent company with an online photography school that educates 2,000 students per month, a professional network of advanced photographers, a print magazine with 30,000 circulation, an annual education and networking conference, an online store, a mailing list of more than 100,000, and well over two million annual visitors and followers – all in addition to the original Clickin Moms community of 16,000 members. As we have grown, it’s become clear we need to make some changes to reflect the company we’ve become and the photographers we serve.

With this in mind, the organization, branding, and voice of our primary brand and its daughter brands is evolving. Our new parent organization is called CLICK & COMPANY, and it holds a family of brands. Our membership organization will remain Clickin Moms, a supportive place to get started in and grow as a photographer. We’re proud of Clickin Moms and the strong brand it has become, as well as its role in helping thousands of women to find and explore their connection with photography. We look forward to continuing to welcome new members into our community and elevating the benefits and experiences we provide to our current members. Here on the Clickin Moms blog, you’ll see a slightly different look to reflect the new CM logo, and we will continue to serve fresh and friendly photography content as an introduction to the social sharing and educational content that our Clickin Moms members enjoy with their subscriptions.

The sister divisions will be rebranded and realigned to better position themselves relative to the audiences they serve and the products they offer, and there will continue to be significant cross-over and collaboration among all of our brands.

A formal overview of Click & Company’s daughter brands appears below:

Clickin Moms is the first and largest membership community to embrace and serve female photographers of all levels, emphasizing education and the social value of photography for both new and experienced photographers.

Click is a print magazine and online destination that inspires and empowers, catering to the social, creative, artistic, and business needs of women as artists, hobbyists, and professional photographers. Click is also home to CLICK PRO (previously CMpro), a professional organization and network for advanced photographers.

CLICK PHOTO SCHOOLClickPhotoSchoolClick Photo School (previously CMuniversity) brings high quality online photography instruction to thousands of students monthly in a variety of formats. Offerings range from interactive online workshops to downloadable breakout sessions with top photographers to 1:1 coaching with experienced photo professionals.

CLICK AWAY ClickAwayClick Away is an inspirational and innovative shooting, learning, and social conference for photographers.

CLICK & COMPANY STORE Click-Co-StoreThe Click & Company store (previously CMstore) is an online retail destination for modern photographers, offering photography gifts, digital tools, education, and back-issues of Click magazine.

Let The Kids is a lifestyle blog in love with real moments and beautiful photography.

Our vision for Click & Company remains just as it was under the Clickin Moms name. Our family of brands strives to empower photographers of all levels to capture life beautifully in both their personal and professional endeavors, to make flexible, quality photography education and mentoring accessible, and to maintain a supportive community for continuous learning, sharing, and growth.

From its roots in striving to provide a safe place for mothers to learn to more beautifully photograph their children and capture family memories, Click & Company’s mission will continue to emphasize the value of photography to enrich the lives of women and to reinforce the camera as an essential life tool for both new and experienced photographers.

We will continue to work hard to innovate and elevate our offerings across all the products and programming we offer; we have some wonderful new things in the works, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Thank you so much for being a part of our community and growth. We’re excited to start this new chapter with you!

Learn more about Click & Company and our team on the Click & Company website.

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