Each month, the CMteam is given a single word and asked to interpret it through individual images.  This month we were given the word Mysterious, a word that can be interpreted in so many different ways.  The dictionary itself has three different definitions for it but when we think of it photographically, the definitions are much more varied.  We always look forward to showing creativity and diversity through our own unique styles and perspectives and we hope you enjoy these versions.

Allison Zercher:

street lights in black and white by Allison Zercher

April Nienhuis:

abstract street photo by April Nienhuis

Caroline Jensen:

dark and dramatic photo of young girl by Caroline Jensen

Emma Wood:

sisters looking out a window photograph by Emma Wood

Heather Lazark:

kids playing under a table pic by Heather Lazark

Jenni Jones:

top of vase pic by Jenni Jones

Jo Lien:


Julia Tulley:

black and white foliage picture by Julia Tulley

Kellie Bieser:

silhouette of girl picture by Kellie Bieser

Kristen Ryan:

sky picture by Kristen Ryan

Kristin Dokoza:

black and white beach photo by Kristin Dokoza

Kristy Dooley:

flower growing through a chain link fence photo by Kristy Dooley

Lisa Benemelis:

black and white landscape photograph by Lisa Benemelis

Lisa Tichane:

giant bubbles photo by Lisa Tichane

Liz Behm:

black and white lensbaby photo by Liz Behm

Marissa Gifford:

moody black and white self portrait by Marissa Gifford

Megan Dill:

out of focus picture by Megan Dill

Melissa Gibson:

sky and clouds photo by Melissa Gibson

Meredith Novario:

trying to read japanese by Meredith Novario

Mickie DeVries:

girl standing in water picture by Mickie DeVries

Monica Wilkinson:

chain link fence photo by Monica Wilkinson

Nina Mingioni:

sunset photo by Nina Mingioni

If you’d like to see the CMteam interpret a particular word, please leave suggestions in the comments below this blog post!

the word photography project from the clickin moms team