Each month, the CMteam are given a single word and asked to interpret it through individual images.  We look forward to showing creativity and diversity through our own unique styles and perspectives.

This month’s word, luminous which the Merriam Webster dictionary defines as “emitting or reflecting usually steady, suffused, or glowing light”, evoked and inspired an amazing collection of light filled image.  Although our photography styles differ, this month’s word really blended our images together beautifully.

We hope you enjoy this month’s images and perhaps consider this word the next time you shoot!

Caroline Jensen:

lensbaby iphone lens portrait by Caroline Jensen

Celeste Pavlik:

brotherly love by Celeste Pavlik

Elena Blair:

backlit picture of child by Elena Blair

Elle Walker:

child portrait by Elle Walker

Emma Wood:

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Heather Lazark:

kids twirling in a field at sunset by Heather Lazark

Julia Tulley:

child laying on ground by Julia Tulley

Kristen Ryan:

bath time picture by Kristen Ryan

Kristin Dokoza:

girl running through field photo by Kristin Dokoza

Lisa Benemelis:

delicious blueberries by Lisa Benemelis

Lisa Tichane:

happy boys playing in front of window by Lisa Tichane Tout Petit Pixel

Lissa Chandler:

woman wearing crown of flowers by Lissa Chandler

Marissa Gifford:

child walking on beach by Marissa Gifford

Megan Dill:

out of focus photography by Megan Dill

Melissa Gibson:

kids playing on scooters by Melissa Gibson

Melissa Stottmann:

beautiful window light photo by Melissa Stottmann

Nina O’Connell:

maternity photo by Nina OConnell

Nina Mingioni:

luminous purple flower by Nina Mingioni

Stacey Haslem:

child twirling on bed pic by StaceyHaslem

If you’d like to see the CMteam interpret a particular word, please leave suggestions in the comments below this blog post!

the word photography project from the clickin moms team