cmpro | picture plays we love

cmpro | picture plays we love

There are so many different ways to process an image and no one way is the “right” way. While all of our CMpros are extremely talented, they all have a very unique and distinct style. Who wouldn’t love to see the many different plays that they would have on a single image?!  We sure do!

CMpro | Picture Plays We Love

This week our SOOC image comes from member Mandy Haber.  It’s also Mandy’s birthday today – join us in wishing her a wonderful birthday!

our cmpro edits:

Stacie Turner

added some contrast
multiply layer and erased back partially on the people
sponged some saturation onto the water
added a soft light fill layer
did a little liquify on mom
ran my favorite Lily Blue sweet water and erased mom’s hair back.

Jennifer Dell

cloned out the boat in the background
touched up under Mom’s eyes
curves layer to adjust skin tones
soft light layer @ 15%
levels layer adjustment @ 25%
curves layer to bump mid tones just a tiny bit
saturation layer @ +16
multiply layer @ 30% only on the background
color fill layer with a soft pink at hard light @ 9%
cropped to 5×7 and resized and saved for web

Helene Douchet

opened in ACR with ACR basic settings
played with curves to remove magenta/add cyan to have good CMYK numbers
darkened the sky/rocks Bumped mid tones
added contrast with curves excluding the mother’s hair/white clothes
removed the boat in the background

 Tracy Bradbury

opened in ACR and did basic adjustments
opened in PS
cloned out boat
touched up under eye area on Mum
did a curves layer to add contrast
did a levels layer and pulled the output slider in on red
did a levels layer and pulled the output slider in on blue
resized for web

Melissa Gibson

opened in PSE9
cloned out boat
quick levels adjustment to add a tad bit of brightness and contrast
added a teeny bit of red and brushed off the background
added haziness and brushed off eyes
resized and sharpened for web

Tracy Heyman

In ACR I pulled down on the exposure just a bit, adjusted temp and tint slightly and added a bit of clarity (+2). I also used Citrine from Film Art Presets. It’s one of my favorites for beach images.

Then in PS:
cloned out boat in background and touched up slightly around Mom’s eyes
added a peachy color fill (only to the highlights) layer at low opacity (15%)
contrast layer
color balance layer to add a little blue to the shadows
another color balance layer to remove some magenta from the skin

Leah Christenson

adjusted temp
reduced exposure
upped blacks
upped clarity


cloned out boat in background
straightened horizon
used patch tool and low opacity soft brush to reduce uneven skin tones
duplicate layer (multiply @ 50%)/selective masking
gaussian blur/selective masking
curves adjustment (blue)/input adjustment
selective color adjustment (neutrals)
duplicate layer (screen @ 12%)/selective masking
pink and yellow color fill layers (screen)/selective masking
channel mixer/color balance adjustment
duplicate layer (multiply)
levels (RGB/blue/red)/output adjustment
curves (soft light)/selective masking
curves (blue)/input adjustment
OTSS action (wish)/tweaked
JDR action (blueberry night)/tweaked
upped saturation

Krista Campbell

opened in ACR and adjusted the temperature and increase recovery slightly to bring back the blown highlights on the little boy’s shirt
ran a curves adjustment to brighten their skin and erased that from the background
ran a soft light layer at 30% to increase contrast
added a vibrance layer and used a layer mask to erase that effect from the skin
ran a fill layer with a soft blue color at 20% to bring out the baby blues in the image
ran Florabella’s Soft Sunshine action at 30% and erased it from the water and the sky
ran a multiply layer at 20% to darken slightly and bring out the colors
softened their skin with Pro Retouch
ran a high pass filter to sharpen the edges

Katherine Durham

in ACR, I adjusted the WB (Temp: 6900, Tint: -12), lowered the exposure (-.30) and then on the HSL tab, under luminance, I adjusted the red to -26, oranges to +12 and Yellows to -13 and then opened in Photoshop
in Photoshop, I did a slight hill curve (masking out the sky, rock, and water), then a levels layer at 49, 1.22, 255
merged all the layers and changed the mode to LAB, duplicated the layer, changed the blending mode to Multiply and lowered the opacity of that layer to 54%
masked out the subject (with brush set at 85%)
merged layers and went back into RGB mode and did a color balance layer set at -21, 0, -4
merged all the layers and used the patch tool to get rid of the boat in the background

Tami Wilson

opened in ACR and tweak WB
ran portraiture at 30% and masked off eyes and hair
removed boat with clone tool
curves adjustments to bump up mid tones
levels layer – brought in darks and small bump in mid tones
warmed up with selective color layer
dodged the subjects faces a bit and burned background and edges

for the B&W, I did a gradient map and soft light layer at 10%

Thank you so much to our awesome CMpros for taking the time to process these images for us!  As you can see that there are an endless amount of ways to process an image. If you like to submit your own image for the pros to choose from for their next edit you can do so on the CMforum in this thread.  You can also submit an image in the comments – if your image is selected we will contact you for the large high resolution file.  If you want to see more of our amazing CMpros at work be sure to check out the CMpro Daily Project – simply stunning.

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  1. Susan Kelly Feb 13 2012 at 7:07 am - Reply

    Got to say Mandy – it's pretty hard to beat the SOOC on that one! Great job!!!

  2. Courtney Feb 13 2012 at 7:10 am - Reply

    Beautiful photo to begin with, but I really love all of the edits!

    Thank you

  3. Mandy Feb 13 2012 at 7:18 am - Reply

    Thank you so much for all of the wonderful ladies that took the time to do this! I love, love, love to see how such talented women would process my image!

  4. Amanda Bruce Feb 13 2012 at 12:39 pm - Reply

    I agree, gorgeous SOOC! It's fun to see all the lovely edits, and the different plays really helps me learn how various settings can affect an image. Oh, and happy birthday!!! 🙂

  5. Nicole Carpenter Feb 13 2012 at 4:19 pm - Reply

    It's amazing just how the different shades of blue altered each photo! Beautiful!

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