Have you discovered the wonderful world of Instagram and the fun new challenge of CMglimpse?  It’s a fabulous way to get a peek inside all of our members’ lives!  The great thing about CMglimpse is that the ‘theme’ of the day is set, so you don’t even have to decide about what to shoot…just find a way to post what you can, however creative or straightforward it might be.  Shooting daily with a ‘big camera’ can sometimes be a daunting task, but thankfully we almost always have our phones on us to capture everyday moments.

Enjoy these images from some of our faithful CMglimpse posters!!

freckledmommy “hallway in your house”:

hellomisha “your wedding rings”:

cjlessie “sunset”:

manicmotherphotography “your shoes”:

karoeder “curtains in your house”:

leah_cook “your child’s funny face”:

jaimeprofeta “your shadow”:

jsingleton1970 “your favorite way to relax”:

sarcar04 “something red”:

squishyprints “moon”:

Mandaleeni “your favorite drink”:

MeganDill “a faucet in your house”:

manicmotherphotography “your handwriting”:

We hope you’ll join in the fun on Instagram!!  Every week, find our daily glimpse list on our @clickinmoms  Instagram account, in the CMpost, or on the CMglimpse website and then simply tag your images #cmglimpse and you’re set.  It’s fun and everyone’s invited!!  Are you participating in CMglimpse?