Taking your kids on a photo walk

  • photo of child taking a picture of dad by Lisa Tichane

Taking your kids on a photo walk

The Clickin Walk is finally happening, and our amazing Clickin Walk leaders are working hard to prepare any last minute details to their routes, in many different places worldwide!

I will be lucky enough to join my fellow European photographer friends for a fantastic walk in Prague! I just can’t wait to be there. Due to my traveling a distance to attend the Walk, I will be leaving my kids at home with their father and I have to admit I’m a little excited to have a child-free day.

But as we were discussing and preparing the walk on the Clickin Moms forum, we quickly realized that for some of us, leaving kids at home was not an option.  So we started to brainstorm about how we could make the “Clickin Walk with my kids” a fantastic experience!

dad and child looking at camera picture by Lisa Tichane

Here are some of the amazing ideas taken from the CM board (thanks SO much to the members who contributed!):

Let’s start with the practical details of what to bring:

  1. water
  2. snacks
  3. sunblock if you live in a sunny part of the world
  4. raincoats in case the weather changes
  5. a trolley/stroller – check in advance with your Walk Leader if there is any public transport involved in the route.

How can we keep the kiddos happy and entertained while attending?

The obvious answer is that it IS a photo walk, so let’s give them a camera so they can be an active participant!

Not convinced? Here are a few tips that will make you change your mind!

  1. Bring along a favorite toy to include in the pictures your kid will take throughout the day! I can already teddy bear crossing the bridge, teddy bear at the park, teddy bear waiting for the bus and so on.
  2. Create an alphabet journal of the walk. Give them a copy of the alphabet and cross a letter off as they take a picture of something that starts with that letter. If they’re too young to play with the alphabet, a color/shape journal can work too.
  3. Launch a scavenger hunt! Prepare a list of items they should hunt throughout the walk. If you’re really playful, you can even prepare it beforehand by planting some items at specific locations.
  4. If your kids are too young to bring a camera, or just not interested in having one, they can still hunt things with their eyes! Don’t hesitate to give them little challenges to keep their attention: the first one to spot a yellow car wins, the first one to spot a lady with a blue shirt wins, and so on…

laughing at pictures photo by Lisa Tichane

Now we want to hear YOUR ideas! Leave a comment to this post, and help us create a fantastic resource for all the photographers across the world who are joining the Clickin Walk and bringing their kids with them!  Have fun and stay safe!

About the Author:

Lisa Tichané is a lifestyle photographer specialized in kids, babies and family photography. Based in France she is also traveling internationally for commissioned advertising projects. Her style is fun, energetic and playful with a touch of mischief. She thrives to capture real life, true joy and wild carefree moments. She is a published author and the instructor of the Capturing Joy online workshop. Visit Lisa Tichané online.


  1. Paige L. Fletcher Oct 11 2012 at 2:16 am - Reply

    i heard this before can’t put my finger where though

  2. Leighellen Landskov Apr 23 2015 at 9:52 pm - Reply

    I absolutely LOVE this post!! I’m so thankful that the ClickinMoms community welcomes kids on these events. Many of us are working Moms, so to leave them home on a Saturday/Sunday would be a bummer. Plus, I like the opportunity to share my passion with my children and for them to see me in action. I am taking our son, Luke, with us on the ClickinWalk in Denver this year. I have given him my old 20D to play with. I’m excited to see life from his point of view! I printed out some photo prompts for him, along with a list of items for him to try to photograph.

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