It’s that time of year again!  Time for the anxiously awaited 4th annual Scavenger Hunt!  For those who don’t know what the Scavenger Hunt is, it’s a super fun competition for all CMmembers regardless of skill level.  In fact, this is an awesome summer activity for the entire family to participate in!

Clickin Moms Fourth Annual Scavenger Hunt

July 1 – July 21st, 2012

All members (includes mentors and vendors), regardless of skill level

To get out, shoot, and have fun!

Not only is it an incredibly fun activity to participate in every July but it’s a great way to win some awesome prizes from CM Vendors.  This year, we have over $5,000 worth of prizes from these Vendors:

We’ve already had some great participate from members who are having a blast this year!  We love seeing they’re scavenger finds and hearing what they have to say!

So fun! I’m excited to participate for the first time! – Dana Foley

This is going to be So.Much.Fun! Wooo hooo!!!! – Marie

I am so excited!!! I love stuff like this.  The list is so fun! – Clicktherapy

I love the changes!! Seems less stressful but still lots of fun. – LaurieY

Eeeek!! #3 & #6 are awesome! Well, they’re *all* awesome, but these two are full of cool stuff I’d almost never just off and purchase for myself…maybe I can win ’em instead  Good luck, ladies! This is going to be so much fun no matter what! – kimberleeannknox

Thanks to all the vendors who are supporting this contest! There are some awesome prizes! – Michele Kendzie

The Scavenger Hunt may have already started but there’s still plenty of time to participate.  If you’re already a CM member head on over to the forums and start reading up on the rules and find the list here.  Not a member yet but would love to participate?  Sign up for a membership here and use the discount code SCAVENGER20 to receive 20% off a trial, 6 month, or one year membership between now and July 21, 2012.  Now don’t hesitate…go print your list, sign, and most importantly, have fun!