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Why Contribute to the Clickin Moms blog?

With over 100,000 dedicated monthly readers, the Clickin Moms blog is the known to be the best online resource for the modern photographer. As a contributor, you have the opportunity to connect with those readers as well as our over 317,000 Facebook fans, our 17,000+ Twitter following, the 66,000+ people who follow us on Pinterest, and our 117,000 and growing Instagram followers. This kind of exposure is the best way to garner name recognition in the photography and being linked on a site as heavily trafficked as Clickin Moms is one of the best ways to improve your website’s SEO.

What we're looking for.

The average Clickin Moms reader is a self-described beginner female photographer. She is eager for tutorials that will teach her how to confidently operate her camera, practical advice for shooting, and editing tricks that will take her imagery to the next level. We would love to hear your ideas for connecting with and educating this eager audience!

If you are submitting a blog contribution proposal and wish to promote a commercial business beyond your own photography blog/business, please contact Kelly Rodriguez, Creative Services, at for information about advertising opportunities.

We welcome guest bloggers who are interested in sharing their knowledge with the Clickin Moms audience.
Please submit your article proposal here.

  • Briefly describe your proposed article and (if necessary) its relevance to the Clickin Moms audience.
  • Any additional notes about your article proposal or relevant information about your personal/professional background.
  • If you have not written for the Clickin Moms Blog before, please provide a few links to other tutorials you have written.
    In the event your proposal is not the right match for the Clickin Moms Blog, would you like it to be considered for one of our sister sites, Let the Kids or Click magazine?