The favorite things of photographer Bethney Backhaus

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The favorite things of photographer Bethney Backhaus

My favorite things with Bethney Backhaus!

Canon 135L lens

1. Canon 135mm L: This lens has given my outdoor photos such beautiful creamy bokeh. It’s always tack sharp and gives me perfect color. I don’t know what took me so long to get it!


2. Crochet hook and yarn: After photography, crocheting is probably my favorite hobby. My mom taught me while I was pregnant with my first (not easy since I’m a lefty and she is not) and I’ve been going strong ever since. I’ve also recently taught myself to knit but it hasn’t come as naturally to me yet.

3. The Loft modern ankle pant: It is almost impossible for me to find pants for my 5’2″ frame that don’t require hemming but these pants fit me perfectly. They are so soft and comfy and come in so many colors!

4. Coach Odessa Sunglasses: These sunglasses are always on my head if I am outdoors. I love the shape of them and they fit nice and comfy.

Jane Austen

5. All my Jane Austen books and movies: I’m a Jane Austen nut. The books of course are way better than any of the movies but I just love when my husband is out of town so I can spend all evening watching them. While we were in England a few years ago I dragged my husband to Bath to see where Austen lived and where a couple of her books took place. My favorite of her books is Persuasion but my favorite Austen man is Mr. Tilney from Northanger Abbey. Just read them, I know you will love them!


6. Expo Disc 72mm neutral: This little device has saved me countless hours post processing and made my SOOC shots nearly perfect. Before, I relied on my AWB or kelvin which gave me okay results but the expodisc always gives me spot on beautiful color.

7. Kelly Moore Classic Bag in gray: This bag has been so great to me. It comfortably fits all my gear and looks cute at the same time. I get compliments from my clients on it all the time!

8. Wikipedia: Am I the only one who wikipedia’s everything? I have an extremely curious nature and feel the need to look up just about anything I have a question about. I know not everything is completely accurate but it satisfies my need for an answer. It comes in great when trying to win an argument as well haha.

Bubble Necklace

9. Urban peach mini bubble necklaces: I love the look of bubble necklaces but I’ve found most of them to be too large for me. These give the same look but are smaller in size which I love. The price can’t be beat either!

Disney World

10. Disney World: Yes it can be extremely hot and crowded during the summer months but I just love everything about Disney. We live about 45 minutes away and try to go a few times a year with my daughter. I thought it was fun before, but seeing it through her eyes again has been so special.

About the Author:

Bethney resides in central Florida with her husband and two daughters. Armed with a Canon 5d Mark iii and a variety of prime lenses, she loves following her girls around all day and capturing their day to day life together. For client work, Bethney is known for posing newborns in a simple and natural style. Jane Austen, Friends, crocheting, and seeing the world are some of her favorite things. Visit Bethney Backhaus online.


  1. Bre May 11 2014 at 11:48 pm - Reply

    Beautiful pics! I see you have a little one and use prime lenses, I’d like to get my first prime lens replacing my kit lens on my sl1, since it’s a cropped sensor could you reccomend what you think would be best, everyone says a 50mm but I’m not sure if that’s with full or cropped sensor cameras! Thank you!!

  2. Penelope Jun 01 2014 at 5:01 pm - Reply

    I LOVE Persuasion, but my favorite Austen man is still a toss up between Mr Knightly and Captain Wentworth

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