Often, before I ever pick up my camera, I know how I will process the resulting image, and this image here is an example of that.

My daughter was playing outside this summer and came to the door covered head to toe in dirt and grime. Before I let her come in for a shower, I grabbed my camera and had her sit in front of my open garage just inside the shade so that the sunlight would light her, but the rest of the garage would largely fall off into shadow.

From previous experience, I knew that this set up works well for me when converting to black and white, and this picture was begging me to be black and white before I even took it.

My choice for black and white was mainly because I knew that I could play up the dirt that was covering her much more in black and white than in color. My goal for taking the picture was to document the dirt of summer, so black and white for me was a natural choice. Plus, black and white hid the awful mismatched play clothes she choose to wear that day!

The following video walks you through my thought process and editing steps in Lightroom 5.