Do you ever find yourself searching for the right subject to photograph?

Do you feel as though you could use a friendly nudge to motivate you to pick-up your camera?

Do you like prizes? (There is only one right answer to this question!)

Then you MUST join us for our monthly Forum Photo Contest! Every month we share a new photography prompt on the Clickin Moms photography forum and we challenge members to shoot and share images that show us how they were inspired by our chosen theme.

We are always positively floored by the beauty and creativity that fill the forum as our members share their work and this past month was no exception. The theme of ‘Motherhood’ gave us moments that were tender, sweet, and hilarious, just like the true experience of motherhood.

Today we are sharing some of our very favorites for you to enjoy here and we know that you are going to be just as inspired as we are by the amazing artists of the Clickin Moms community. We are thrilled to congratulate Carmody Baker for being selected as this month’s winner of a live Breakout session from Click Photo School with her amazing shot!

mother holding baby watching boy play
Bree Bain
mother reading magazine with children and chicken in foreground
Troya Yoder
mother at kitchen sink with baby on back and children looking on
Tressa Maciag
Mother and three daughters brushing hair
Michelle Anderson
mother and children laughing
Amy Murgatroyd
mother with arms around children
Erin Morrison
mother and child hugging
mother holding newborn baby
Ally Quinlan
mother nursing child with father kissing baby's head and sons looking on
Tara Louise
mother holding son on sofa
Brandi Markham
mother and father hugging children outside
Rebecca Cullimore
mother with children on dock with mountains in background
Allyson Keller
mother with child on lap smiling
Schae Philpott
Mother helping child wash hands
Alyssa Knight
child looking at mother and smiling
Petra Williams
mother touching daughter's cheek
Karen Schanely
mother holding child in forest with pink flowers
Kelsey Farnham
mother kissing toddler's cheek with bright sun
Melissa Roberts
mother giraffe kissing baby giraffe
Winner! Carmody Baker
mother holding newborn
Andrea Johnson
mother hugging child on her lap
Michelle England
mother nursing newborn in bed
Amy Groteluschen
mother and daughter spinning and laughing
Kristin Lunny
mother and daughter hugging in field
Jenny Rosenbring
mother hugging daughter in low light
Kory Callihan
mother comforting daughter
Rebecca Lundin
baby peeking between mother's legs
Lisa Cole
mother with son by water and flowers
Amy Bartley
mother in hospital holding newborn baby
Alyssa Ahern
mother and children washing dishes
Aimee Glucina
mother in red dress holding child on beach
Joanne Markey

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