About Beth Deschamp

Meet Beth Deschamp of {beth} a-dilly photography. This curly haired blonde and blue-eyed girl is most content when she is making memories with her little family. She is married to the boy who had a high school locker next to hers and is a small town girl living in the big city of Washington DC with her hubby and two puppies. Starbucks iced soy chai, paperback books, Instagram, almond vanilla cupcakes, blogging, a glass of bold red wine and snuggling a puppy in her lap are just a few of her most favorite things. On a typical weekend, you can find her in the passenger seat, riding down the backroads of Virginia wine country with the windows rolled down and country tunes turned up, stopping on the side of the road from time to time to capture something beautiful with her Nikon D610. As this teacher turned photographer just celebrated her second year in business, her favorite thing about being a photographer is being able to portray the beauty of ordinary things in everyday life. Becoming a photographer has helped her to see the beauty in the littlest of things. And that is a life lesson she will always be grateful for.