*images by Jessica Gwozdz, Courtney Keim, and Monica Wilkinson

It’s time for another edition of our monthly series “Ask a Click Pro” here on the CM photography blog in which we give our Click Pros one question and they dish. Their answers alone are always inspiring and this week we asked them…

Whether you shoot in a studio or on location, what is your favorite background/location and why?

Bre Thurston, California
I’m a sucker for places like the beach, an open field, or the desert. I love unobstructed light. Any place where I can see the sun dip below the horizon right at sunset, that’s where I want to shoot. That last bit of light in the day is so magical.



Courtney Keim, New Jersey
An absolutely fabulous sunset. Living by the beach it’s the only place to be, right? I scope out the best places to get a variety of locations in one – dunes, fields, sunsets, etc.




Leah Cook, Texas
Since I’ve been shooting more and more at home (everyday!) it’s become fun to try new things inside but my favorite part about the place we live is out-back by the creek. I know right when the light will pass through the trees, where to look for that sparkly bokeh, and how long I have until the sun disappears. It’s so great to have this spot to raise and take pictures of my boys.



Sarah Wilkerson, Colorado
A bright pocket in the darkness or a deep pocket of shadows in a brightly lit setting — I’m looking for drama! Wherever light and shadow collide – indoors or out – that’s where I want to be.




LisaTichane, France
It may sound weird but I would say: a bed. My most favorite thing to capture is parent/child interaction, and I can’t get tired of the carefree happiness I get when I let parents and their babies just be themselves playing on a bed!




Jenny Miller, Texas
Normally I would say an open field but lately it has been anywhere were the sun comes thru the trees perfectly giving a nice backlit image or a starburst sun image.




Ilona Hastings, Florida
I live on the beach in Destin, Florida. Many people are saying that there are the most beautiful beaches of the world. The area is called “Emerald Coast”. If you have never been here you should, it is magical place! I always shoot on location and my background is usually beach with water, sand and sun in the back.  I also love to include some beach textures like: plants, flowers, dunes, old pices of the wood and some finds of the beach like: feathers, shells, rocks, etc. I like also beach cottages and architecture of beach villages along Panhandle scenic 30A road. Sometimes though I have a photo session in the park, away from Gulf of Mexico and I really enjoy pretty and colorful flowers, grass, trees over there.I cannot imagine to have different background than MY beach but I guess I will have to since I am moving to big city of Atlanta, Ga this summer ’cause of my DH’s job. That will definitelly be challenge for my business in many ways…We will still own the house here so I hope to come back sometime at least to visit.

Jennifer Dell, Texas
Oh, this is easy for me. I’m 100% at home and happiest shooting on the beach either with sunrise or sunset. The feeling of shooting on the beach is like no other for me and families and children seem to feel the same. Since we don’t live super close to the beach, my second favorite is always an over grown field with lots of opportunity for interesting lighting.



Stacie Turner, Connecticut
On the shore or in a dirty old barn with interesting textures and directional lighting.




Ashley Spaulding, Kansas
As a hobbyist who loves lifestyle work, I enjoy shooting in our playroom the most. It’s the room in which my kids spend the most time, so it feels comfortable and natural, which fits with the style of work I try to achieve. There’s a lot going on in our playroom, but I love the tones in there and how brightly they’re translated in my images. And I can work with the light in there at almost any point during the day regardless of the time or the weather.



Carol Swaitkewich, Winnipeg
For client work, when I am photographing children, my favourite place/backdrop is their bedroom. I love how excited they are to show me their little piece of the house. I love how their little faces light up when they are giving me a tour of all their favourite things in their rooms. I know I’ll capture their personalities in their own space.



Jodi Arego, Texas
For portrait work, I love shooting in fields and open spaces full of yummy golden light and interesting natural textures. However, nothing beats shooting a child or family in their own environment– their home, a neighborhood park, a favorite hang out spot, whatever– to capture true moments that are so very “them”.



Tiffany Bender, Pennsylvania
Give me some rolling hills and beautiful backlighting and I am set.





Jessica Gwozdz, Illinois
My favorite backgrounds are Denny Photo Black and Denny White Vinyl. The Photo Black is wonderful because it’s a heavyweight felt that reflects no light at all, so there is no post processing needed to make it look truly black. It simply shoots black. The white vinyl is just dreamy, smooth and wrinkle-free. It’s the perfect background for my roller-system and I use it all the time for crisp clean results.



Monica Wilkinson, Washington
My client shoots are mostly newborns so I end up inside a lot. I love to use blankets with lots of texture and rich colors. If I can find some cute vintage props I will add them too, but I tend to get bored of props easily and am constantly on the lookout for new ones!



Jenna Stoller, Indiana
My favorite place to shoot is in vacation homes. They have all sorts of variety, from the beach area, the stones, the porches, big airy bedrooms, beautiful furniture, in the water, the boats, grassy patches. I just love it. I know I would love beach photographer if I lived around one, but a lake home is a close second.



Lisa Holloway, Las Vegas
I LOVE that last bit of sunlight in the late afternoon filtered through anything with an interesting color and/or texture…bushes with flowers, fall leaves on trees, tall grasses, etc. I EQUALLY love a place that I can get some amazing, directional light. Covered porches are a favorite of mine because the light is directed in from one side and you can really work those shadows into a dramatic portrait.