Today’s interview is with Pinhole Pro!

First, will you please take a moment to tell us what exactly Pinhole Pro is and how it developed?

Pinhole Pro provides photographers and their clients with premium press prints and high-end press products such as photo books, calendars, journals, cards and more. Founded by Mohawk Fine Papers, the leader in fine paper with over a decade of experience in press products, Pinhole Pro is committed to quality paper, innovative and eco-friendly printing, and modern design.

Pinhole Pro was created to offer the professional photographer more unique, modern and beautiful press products. Labs have been offering the same style of products for years and we saw an opportunity to offer photographers something new and different such as notepads, panoramic photo books, scribble pads and wine labels. When you combine beautiful fine paper from Mohawk with HP Indigo printing it is easy to tell how Pinhole Pro products stand apart from what has been on the market for years.

Pinhole Pro press products have a modern aesthetic and high quality paper and printing that sets them apart in the industry.

How is Pinhole Pro different from Pinhole Press?

Pinhole Pro is the sister brand of consumer site Pinhole Press but geared toward professional photographers. The brand offers professional photographers two solutions: Pro Studio, the new professional desktop application for premium press prints and high-end press products, and Shoot & Burn, Pinhole Pro’s solution that allows professional photographers to collect a 20% commission on products their clients make on partner site Pinhole Press.

Pinhole Press just launched its new Baby collection featuring over 200 new products.

With all the specialty labs available, how is Pinhole Pro different?

Pinhole Pro is owned by a fine paper company, and as a result, the company is pioneering the innovation of press printed products in the industry. Pinhole Pro press printed products are not only beautifully designed, but the quality is second-to-none. You’ll also discover products you don’t find elsewhere like the beautiful Panoramic Photo Book.

What is the biggest allure of Pinhole Pro products?

Paper and design. We’ll leave it at that so you can see and feel the products for yourself!

Do I have to be in business to use Pinhole Pro and are there any fees?

Pinhole Pro is designed for professional photographers looking to create beautifully simple press printed products and prints for their clients, and we welcome photographers from every niche and every location. There is no fee to sign up, which gives you the flexibility to get started right away.

Do you have templates that are available or do I need to use my own?

Through Pro Studio, the new professional desktop application, professional photographers can either choose from a number of pre-designed templates, or upload their own designs. It all comes down to your comfort level with design and the time you have to spend on design. We have a solution for both!

The new Pro Studio is a downloadable application so you can build beautiful press products on your personal computer.

What paper options do you offer for printing?

We print on FSC-certified Mohawk Superfine, 100% recycled Mohawk Options and lustre Mohawk proPhoto. All of these papers are manufactured with wind power, a result of the environmental leadership of our parent company, Mohawk.

Where and how do I sign up?

Professional photographers can sign up for free at To get started with the new Pro Studio desktop application, all you need to do is visit the website to download the application to access the collection of professional press printed products and prints.

Is there anything new in the world of Pinhole Pro?

At WPPI we launched Pro Studio, the new professional desktop application for premium press prints and high-end press products.

To create Pro Studio press prints and products, photographers can download the free desktop application at From there, photographers can create a lineup of premium press prints ranging from 4×5 to 12×18. Additionally, photographers have access to a wide range of high-end press printed products including press printed books, cards, calendars, photo pads, framed prints, magnets and marketing materials.

You can brand products with your logo and sell at your own prices in studio. You can learn more about the key benefits of the software here.The ordering process for Pro Studio is straight-forward. First, download the software and then, create your own press products, order and sell at your own prices in your studio.

Pinhole Pro is a favorite among many of our members and here is what they have to say about them:

For over a year now, Pinhole Pro has held an important place in my business.  I use their products as client gifts and I also give my couples the opportunity to purchase their Pro line of products as well.  I have had wonderful feedback from everyone about the quality and printing, and because their products are press printed they don’t interfere with my other sales.  But the highest recommendation I can give is a personal one- I use Pinhole Pro when I want to create fun and unique products with photographs of my own family.  Their line of notepads is fabulous, but we also have their calendars and cards all over our house as well!  I love Pinhole Pro!
Michelle Turner

At this time, I am my only customer, but I can’t get enough of their products!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
Roxanne Benton of Pixel2Canvas

I fell in love with Pinhole Pro when I visited their booth at Imaging. Upon my return home, I ordered a few notepads to use as gifts for clients … and have since decided to ditch the complimentary accordion albums and use these instead. The quality is amazing, the turnaround phenomenal. I cannot wait to order more products from them … they are now one of my favorite vendors! I cannot wait to start showing their products to my clients. I know they will love them as much as I do.
Courtney Keim

I have a Pinhole Pro account, but have only purchased items for ME. I love the paper quality of their notepads, etc. Plan on making an album!

When I saw Pinhole Pro’s products it was love at first sight. The quality and color are amazing and the variety of items that they offer is just outstanding. In the past, I always felt a little nervous when I sold digital files. I worried about where my clients might print their images or order photo gifts from, but I don’t worry about that anymore. I know that when I show them Pinhole’s products, they’ll be impressed and won’t order from anyone else. It feels so good to know that my images will look exactly the way I meant for them to look and the fact that I get a commission on the products my clients order is the icing on the cake!
Sarah Phillips

Thank you Pinhole Pro for allowing us to interview you and for the awesome discount you are offering to all Clickin Moms members!  To receive 30% off all products use the code: CLICKINMOMS. Hurry up though because this offer expires March 13th, 2012.  Don’t forget to check them out on facebook and twitter!  Now tell us, what is your favorite Pinhole Pro product (or the item you are most excited to order)?