Pin It If you have a blog, you probably have social media buttons attached to your post so that your readers can “Like,” “Retweet,” “Digg,” etc your posts.  If you’re a photographer, though, you’ve probably also found yourself wishing that you could add a Pinterest “Pin it” button to your blog. There are a couple of great options on the Pinterest Goodies page including 1) “Follow me on Pinterest” button This is a basic button that links to your Pinterest pinboards.  To set it up, just log in to your Pinterest account, then click on the button on the Pinterest Goodies page to autogenerate your custom code). 2) Image/Product Specific Pin button This one is great for those selling products, posting single images infrequently, or if you want to just make one especially notable images available for pinning here and there.  To auto-generate your custom image-specific code, go to the Pinterest Goodies page and provide your website URL, selected image URL, and a description of the image (if you want to pre-populate that field for the pinner). We used this for the image above.

… but what if you want a universal Pin It code for all of your posts?

One request that we have heard made regularly from our photographer colleagues is a way to add a “Pin It” button similar to the “Like” or “Retweet” buttons that will appear in every blog post — without having to generate new image-specific code every time. When we set up our new CMpro Daily Project, we realized that it was time to figure it out — and we want to share that code with you. Simply copy and paste the code (in orange) below in one of several places:

  1. In the HTML at the end of every blog post (right in the body of the post in HTML View)
  2. Inside the loop of your post template file (typically single.php, single-post.php, single-photo.php, or something similar)
  3. Using an action hook — depending on how much of a geek you are, this may be a bit much, but many WordPress themes come with features that make the addition of hooks a simple cut-and-paste.

* Want to use a different Pinterest image or prefer to design your own button graphic? Just replace “” with the URL of your own image.

We’ll see you — and your images!! — over on Pinterest!

Have you found or developed something that worked better? Tweaked the code to make it even more awesome? Tell us about it! And if you liked this article, be sure to Like it, Retweet it, and – of course! – pin the banner below!