My photography gear with Kristy Dooley

Hi Everyone!

office area of photographer Kristy Dooley

I have two workspaces in my home. One is a small office nook in my kitchen where my MacBook sits, allowing me to easily check email and browse on Clickin Moms when I have a few minutes.  On the days my girls are in school I work in my office space in our finished basement.  It’s above ground and has lots of natural light which I love.  I have yet to finish decorating this space, so it’s a continuing work in progress.

My gear!

Next up is my equipment.  I’m a bit of a minimalist, I don’t like clutter and owning things we don’t need or use.

camera bags and equipment of photographer Kristy Dooley

1. Canon 5D mark III:  This camera is well loved and used everyday.  I upgraded from the Mark II and love the features (and focal points!) that this newer model offers.

I’ve bought and sold probably a dozen or so other lenses, but I always come back to these three.  They’re all I own (for the moment) and I’m perfectly content with my collection.  They do all that I need to do.

2. Sigma 35 1.4:  This lens has hardly left my camera over the past six months.  It’s the perfect focal length for inside and sharp as a tack.  I debated for a long time over purchasing an off-brand lens, and haven’t regretted my decision once. It’s amazing and the price difference is certainly a plus.

3. Canon 85 1.2L:  95% of my client work is done with this lens.  I’ve always been a big fan of the 85mm focal length, and this lens is just pure magic. It never disappoints me, and it’s truly worth every single penny.

4. Canon 100 2.8L:  This lens will never ever leave me. Shooting Macro is like therapy to me, and seeing the detail that this lens can capture is like seeing the world in an entirely different way.  It’s also an incredible portraits lens, and I love being able to shoot in two very different ways without changing my lens.

Canon 430ex II speedlite

5. Canon Speedlite 430EX II:  My poor speedlite is generally neglected.  While I love the idea of it, I much prefer natural light.  When I do need find myself needing a little extra light, this model has always worked well for me.

My Bags!

I get so many compliments on these bags.  I love that they’re both so functional, yet they don’t look like a traditional camera bag at all.

camera bags of photographer Kristy Dooley

6. Ketti School Girl:  I carry this bag while out and about with my girls.  It’s the perfect size for my camera body with one lens, (sometimes two), my keys, phone, and wallet.  I also love that it goes so comfortably over my shoulder.

7. Girls Day Out Shutterbag:  This is my session bag.  It goes easily over my shoulder and is the perfect size to hold all my equipment.

What else?!

I don’t keep a lot in my bags aside from camera equipment but there are a few things you’ll always find inside.

miscellaneous camera items of Kristy Dooley

Burt's Bees chaptstick

8. Lenspen:  I always keep one of these in my bag.  I’m fairly meticulous with my equipment, and these are amazing for cleaning small dust and smudges from my lenses.

9. Wireless Remote:  This doesn’t get used as often as it should, but when I do decide to get on the other side of the frame with my kiddos, this wireless remote is priceless.  My girls love taking turns with it, and then quickly hiding it in their hand before the shutter is released.

10. Lexar Professional SD Cards:  This is the only type of card I use, and I have a ton of them.  I don’t like to format my cards until I deliver the images to my clients, so I keep extra cards everywhere.

11. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Fig:  I’m obsessed with this stuff and have way more than I care to admit.  They’re tucked in almost all of my coat pockets and bags.  The color is perfect, they’re inexpensive, and really moisturizing.

12. Clean Well Hand Sanitizer:  I photograph lots of families, my skin is sensitive, and I don’t like getting sick.  This stuff is awesome.

5 things you may not know about me:

  1. I’ve lived in Vermont my entire life.  Every March, after months of winter, I start looking at houses for sale in warmer parts of the country.  Then the trees bud, spring arrives, and I remember that I do love the seasons, once again talking myself into loving it here all over again.
  2. I don’t like extra “things,” in my house.  I’m definitely a minimalist, but I hoard sentimental boxes.  I have boxes full of cards and mementos from the last twenty years.  Every now and then I take an afternoon and sort through them. I hope my girls will love looking through them as much as I do.
  3. I’m a morning person. 5am is my favorite time of day, but I can hardly keep my eyes open after 10pm.
  4. I don’t watch television. It’s not that I have an issue with it, I just have no attention span for it. Sometimes I wish I did, but books seem to suite me better.
  5. I have to get outside everyday. Fresh air is so important to me, and I usually start every day (rain, snow, sleet, whatever) walking or running outside. Without it, I just don’t feel like myself.