My photography gear with Elicia Graves

the camera bag of photographer Elicia Graves

1. ONA Venice bag: I love the beautiful leather on this bag.  It protects my camera and I appreciate the fact that it zips on top to hide my gear.  I generally use this bag when I’m taking my camera and a single lens.

2.  Tenba Backpack: I store my gear in this bag and it is perfect for traveling.  My gear fits in the bottom padded portion and there is plenty of room for diapers, wipes and my wallet.

inside the camera bag of Elicia Graves

3.  Nikon 28mm f/1.8g: This lens is my walk around lens.  I love the focal length when I’m shooting in the city and the depth that it lends to lifestyle images.

4. Nikon D800: I can’t think of anything I would change about this camera.  It suits my purposes well and I love how sharp it is.  The cropping possibilities are amazing.

5.  Nikon 85mm f/1.8g: I love this lens for portraits.  I like to use it when I’m outside and have plenty of room to back up.

6.  Battery Charger and Extra Battery: I always like to have an extra battery and a charger with me.

7.  Sigma 35mm f/1.4: This is my favorite lens and preferred focal length.  It is super sharp and stays on my camera 90% of the time.

extra items in the camera bag of photographer Elicia Graves

8. EO Peppermint Hand Sanitizer: I love this spray because it smells fabulous and it dries on your hands almost immediately.

9. Lens Pen: This is such a great little tool for cleaning lenses on the go.

10. MOO Luxe Business Cards: These cards are nice and thick.  I love the weight of them.

11.  SanDisk CF Cards: I always have a few extra CF cards on hand in various sizes.

desk area of photographer Elicia Graves

12.  West Elm Parsons Desk: This desk is the perfect size for our little house and office and I love the clean lines.

13.  27″ Apple iMac: I love how fast this computer is and editing on the large screen is amazing.  I only wish I had upgraded sooner.

14.  Card Reader: Importing images is a breeze with this reader.

office space of photographer Elicia Graves

15.  Essie nail polish in “playdate”: Editing is the perfect time for a coat of polish on the toes.

16.  Moleskine Notebook: I love the simplicity of these notebooks. I keep one of these on my desk to jot down thoughts and ideas.

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