My photography gear with Sarah Wilkerson

1. shutterbag in emerald green
This is my go-to everyday camera bag in a limited edition color made just for Clickin Moms. Watch for it in the CMstore soon!
2. starbucks coffee
It’s gear. Trust me. Couldn’t start the day without it!
3. giotto’s rocket blower
With three little boys at home, seems like there’s always crumbs or dust around. This is a necessity.
4. nikon d4
This is my primary body.
5. nikkor 45mm/2.8 tilt shift
Probably my second most used lens.
6. nikkor 85mm/2.8 tilt shift
Another tilt shift lens I couldn’t live without, though I use the 45mm more.
7. nikkor 85mm f/1.4g
I want to love this lens so badly, but I’m not sure I have a great copy. Back to the microcalibration….
8. nikkor 35mm/1.4g
My most used lens by a mile. Love this one.
9. lensbaby composer
with sweet 35
I’m brand new to Lensbaby, but I’m quickly falling in love!
10. lensbaby edge 80
This is the newest lens in my bag.
11. nikkor 105mm macro
This is my favorite telephoto lens – I use it for portrait work as much as I do for macro. Sooo buttery!
12. nikkor 50mm/1.4d
A great little everyday lens. If I am randomly out and about, this is usually the lens I take with me.
13. pelican case
The smaller of two Pelican cases that I own. When I need to travel (or move!) with lots of gear, this keeps everything super safe. I also use my Pelicans to store gear that I use less frequently.
14. nikkon 14-24mm/2.8
Best super wide angle lens on the market. Love this one for landscapes and occasionally for documentary work.
15. nikkor 24-70mm/2.8
This is the lens I would take to Disney World. I don’t use it much, but it is a great vacation lens.
16. sekonic l-358 light meter
I don’t use a light meter very often, but I do love this one when I need it! 
 17. nikon sb-900 speedlight
I rarely use my speedlight, but there are times when it is indispensable. I also use this for occasional OCF.
18. nikon sb-800 speedlight
My backup speedlight.
19. nikkor 50mm/1.2
Old school manual focus only standard lens – the only f/1.2 lens that Nikon makes, to my knowledge.
20. nikkor 50mm/1.8
The classic. I really don’t ever use this lens, but I guess I hold onto it for sentimental reasons. My first prime!
21. nikkor 70-200mm/2.8
I really only use this lens at the park or in my parents’ big backyard, but once my boys are old enough to play on sports teams, I know it will be an essential!
22. nikon 1.7x teleconverter
Kind of an impulse buy that I purchased for use with my 70-200. I don’t use this often except at airshows (I’ve been to two) and for some occasional mountain pics from my bathroom window (wonder what my neighbors must think!)
23. nikon d3s
Technically, this is my backup body, but it’s probably my favorite DSLR ever.

1. shutterbag in emerald green

2. wet brush
Pretty sure this is made for little kids, but it’s the only thing that gets through my hair without snagging, and I love it!
3. maui jim sunglasses
Polarized sunglasses with pink and brown frames – can’t live without them!
4. mac lipglass
This one is called Nymphette, but I have a million colors and always keep one with me.
5. nikon d4 + 35mm/1.4
This is my favorite combination, but my 50mm goes along with me just as often since it’s so small and light.
6. notes & ideas spiral notebook
Best notebook ever – spiral bound, lots of smooth lined page, plastic cover with a band (so it doesn’t get beat up). I go through a few every year.
7. iphone 5 + casemate sparkle case
Like most, my iPhone has become an extension of myself. The glittery champagne case ensure my husband never gets his phone mixed up with mine!
8. coach wallet  9. sharpie retractable pen
Best pen ever.

Though you are just as likely to find me on the couch with my laptop (especially in the evening!) or working at the kitchen table, my husband and I share a great office with an awesome view of Pike’s Peak. If I look the other way, it’s a straight shot into the boys’ playroom, so I can supervise and interact with them even when I need to get work done at my desk!

1. mac pro
2. brother hl4040-cdn color laser printer
Great printer – nice that we can do bulk color printing, too. 
3. aeron chair in gray
I have a bad back, so this is super important for all of the hours I spend at my desk. 
4. webble ergonomic footrest 
Wonderful for good circulation, keeping me alert, and even a bit of exercise!
5. click premier issue
My husband came home with this framed as a surprise – love him! 
6. 5000 Kelvin Light Bulb
I’m serious about my white balance! We have these light bulbs throughout most of the house – they are just a smidge warmer than natural sunlight. pixma pro 9000
Wonderful photo printer for the times when I need quick photos for school, to send to grandparents, or just when I need instant gratification myself! 
8. red river photo paper in polar satin 9. books
Photography books, design books, writing books … etc. Loads of them. The rest of the library is up in my bedroom. We have thousands! 

10. iPad 2 + Book Arc 11. iPhone 5 + M2 stand
12. nec multisync 3090wqxi 30″ wide gamut monitor
I’ve recently gotten rid of my second monitor (too crowded on my desk!) and don’t miss it too much since this one is so big! 
13. yankee candle
There’s something about a scented candle burning, headphones (love my Sennheiser HD 595s), and a quiet house at night that really gets me in the zone for work.
14. cubes full of stuff
Keeping my primary camera and favorite lenses super accessible has been helpful to me in shooting more this year, and this puts them within arm’s length plus keeps them out of the kids’ reach. I also keep my charger ready here, stationery, and other stuff I need on a regular basis (without cluttering up my desk!)
15. keurig
Need I say more? I might be a little bit addicted.
16. hidden stuff
Cubes and bins under the desk hide extra camera bags and random piles of stuff I need to sort through.
17. xbox and television
No room in the house is ever really kid-free (and admittedly, I watch a lot of TV when I’m working at night!).