My photography gear with Melissa Gibson

My bag is the super cute Ketti bag made exclusively for Clickin Moms.  It is my first real camera bag (I used a backpack before) and I am in love with it.  It is so easy to carry all of my goodies around and I adore that purple lining.

Clickin Moms exclusive chevron ketti camera bag

I shoot a gripped Nikon d700 and I have a teeny arsenal of two lenses, the 35mm 2.0 and my sweet little baby the 50mm 1.4g.

one of Melissa Gibson's favorite lenses

I don’t think I could love a lens more than I love the 50mm.  I use it all the time.  I am a huge fan of shooting at that wide open aperture of 1.4 and also the beautiful bokeh that this lens creates.

Also inside my bag:

what's inside photographer Melissa Gibson's camera bag

1.  A remote for those self portraits with the kids that I need to do more often.

2.  My Moleskin journal for writing down funnies that my girls say and sometimes I also have ideas of my own.  Since my memory is not-so-great, I need to jot them down rather quickly.

3.  Olloclip that I probably can’t do without.

4.  An extra battery and CF card.

5.  Treats for my girls because they are easily bribed.

6.  My iPhone for browsing Instagram, posting from the Clickin Moms app, or using that quick and easy iPhone camera.

*not pictured: 35mm 2.0 and the gripped d700 because I was using it, of course.

office space of hobbyist photographer Melissa Gibson

Melissa Gibson's office

My workspace is in our finished basement, just at the bottom of the stairs.  I edit on an iMac that my husband surprised me with last Christmas (LOVE him!).  I love to fill my spot with color so I framed some of my favorite art pieces by my girls.  It helps me to feel happy and fun.  I like to keep things clutter-free so I have baskets tucked away in a small cabinet that hide my calibration device, extra cords, discs and paperwork.  Also, my girls love to sit behind me and play in the floor which means there’s usually farm animals, My Little Pony figures, and Zoobles in the floor behind the chair.  I cleaned those up just for y’all.  Finally, my smallest girl loves to draw and “do pictures” while I edit, too.  I keep a small basket of paper and crayons handy for her.  She likes to see her art on the cork board near my desk.

5 things you don't know about hobbyist photographer Melissa Gibson