My photography gear with Lora Swinson

what is in the camera bag of photographer Lora Swinson

1. Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home

I have tried a few other bags that were much cuter but they never worked for me.  I started out with a bigger version of this bag and sold it for some of the ‘girly’ brands out there – I tried 2 different kinds – but just didn’t love them as much as I did the Crumpler bag.  It isn’t the most fashionable, but I feel like my equipment is much better protected.

2.  Canon 5dMkII, 50mm 1.4 and 135mm 2.0

My 50mm lens is my most used of the two.  I adore it!  I am so used to working with it that I struggle even putting the 135mm on my camera.

desk and office space of online photography workshop instructor Lora Swinson

3.  Brochures with all my information, including pricing.  Sometimes I’ll give these to my clients at the end of the session to hand out to their peers if they mention a friend who is looking for a photographer.  It is great marketing to have all the information someone would need about me in one place.

4.  Business card holder with cards.  I print from Milller’s and love their quality.

5.  Lens cleaner from a local camera shop.  I have a small microfiber towel I use with it.

6. My wallet!  I don’t carry a big purse with me, ever.  So this is always tucked in my camera bag somewhere.

7.  16GB and 32GB cards.

8.  Hand sanitizer.  This is a great thing to have when you’re working with toddlers.  Sometimes kids will get dirty and even freak out about it, so this is great to have on you.

9.  Toy airplane.  My youngest stuck this in my bag when I wasn’t looking and it came in handy at a session once, so I’ve kept it in there ever since and have used it many times for distraction!

10.  iPhone5 with a Speck Cover. I love this case for my phone, it comes off easily when I want to use my Olloclip but still keeps it protected without adding too much bulk.

11.  iMac 21.5inch.  I love this computer but I CANNOT wait to upgrade to the new 27inch!

12.  Belkin card reader. Believe it or not I used to just plug my camera into my computer via the USB port but this is SO much easier!

13.  My ever present cup of coffee.  See how there is so little coffee that you can’t see it, it is because I am constantly drinking it – preferably with vanilla creamer!

14.  Bamboo Create Tablet by Wacom.  I love this thing!  I’ve been using Wacom for a few years and I don’t think I’ve touched my mouse since then.  It has sped up my workflow ten fold.

office area of Colorado photographer Lora Swinson

15. My kiddos computer area!  I love having them in the office with me when those times come up that I have to be at the computer.  They keep me pretty entertained!

16.  White board from Target.  I need organization, I feel like a big hot mess without it.  This way all my clients are organized and I check off tasks as I complete them.  It is out in the open so I see it multiple times a day – reminding me just what needs to be done.

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