My photography gear with Lisa Tichane

what's in the camera bag of French photographer Lisa Tichane

1. Photojojo SLR Camera bag (not sold anymore but this bag is almost identical).  I feel ashamed to show it because it’s not anything to be really proud about, but this bag says a lot about me. I am so not a girly girl, I like simple things, so when choosing a camera bag practicality is always my 1st concern. But I also like bright, fun colors, so this bag was made for me (even if my friends always make fun of me because it looks like a pic-nic bag lol). Nevertheless, it’s old and tired and dirty… I definitely need to find a new one soon. Sigh.

2. Canon 5D Mark II body (you can’t see it here because it is actually taking the picture!!). Totally love this camera, although I have to admit that I have Mark III envy…

3. Canon 28-70 mm f/2.8L lens: my go-to lens, on my camera 80% of the time. I have a love-hate relationship with this lens, but its versatility is unbeatable, and it’s a lifesaver with fast moving kids and toddlers.

4. Canon 50 mm f/1.4: best money I have ever spent on a lens. Such a good lens at a very reasonable price!

5. Canon 135 mm f/2: my favorite lens by far. It’s sharp and creamy at the same time, this lens is a real dream. I should definitely use it more often.

6. Lens hoods: they stay in my closet most of the time!

7. Canon Speedlite 580: a lifesaver when shooting at client’s homes. My goal for this year is to learn how to use it at its full extent.

8. Extra batteries: never really use them (I never shoot more than one session a day, and my sessions don’t last long enough to empty a battery) but it makes me feel secure to have them.

9. SanDisk 8GB Extreme Compact Flash Memory Cards (I also have a 16GB in my camera)

10. iPhone. Couldn’t live without it.

11. Lens pen. I use it several times per session, I’m obsessed with keeping my lenses clean!

12. Clamps. You never know when you may need them.

13. Mints! Just because I love them.

14. Bubbles: they work with almost every age!

15. Remote: I use it only for personal pics when I want to be in the frame

16. Lens pets: I am starting to get tired of them, they tend to stay in my bag lately.

office area of photographer Lisa Tichane

I moved in a few months ago and I am far from being settled. My to-do list is full of genius ideas to reorganize this place and make it more practical and fancy, but as imperfect as it is I still really like it. It is MY space, no matter what!

1. Drawers to store all of the small annoying stuff (stickers, referral cards, papers and envelopes…). My iPad sleeps in there too when it’s not in my handbag!

2. Magical boxes to hide all the mess that was on my desk before I tidied up for the photo!!

3. My silly boys! Their smiles enlighten my days.

4. small tin boxes for referral cards

5. CD boxes

6. Boxes for reference prints (when my clients buy digital negatives, I give a reference 4*6 print of each image so that they know what their images should look like when properly printed)

7. Albums samples are stored in there!

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